Friday, July 2, 2010

Our New Blog for All Things NYP

Hey there

We’re the folks from NYP’s Communications Division, and we’ve decided to start a new blog. Why this blog? It has always been our dream to have an NYP blog. A blog for NYP students, with posts written by students – on topics, issues and campus happenings that students care about.

Our first blog was actually started three years ago. Called ‘We Are NYP’, the blog initially started out as one to capture the thoughts and feelings of graduating students from the Class of 2007. After that, new students joined the blog, and they wrote on a wide range of stuff – from CCAs to environmental issues, from overseas attachments to class projects. This batch of students has also graduated from NYP.

So ‘Discover NYP’ is actually version #3 of our NYP blog (new, improved version, haha). We will be talking about campus topics that matter to YOU, dear NYP students. Stuff like friendships, lectures, projects with looming deadlines, sports, competitions, CCAs, food in the North Canteen, etc.... You get the idea? Our group of student writers will also be contributing posts here. Sounds exciting I hope? Do tell you what you think, and share with us what you want to read.


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