Monday, June 27, 2011

Making a Big Impact!

By Azam Zaheerulhaq, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management
The SBM Club family
A few hundred freshmen turned up all smiles on 13th June, eagerly chatting and anticipating the activities at Camp Impact, an annual freshmen orientation camp organised by School of Business Management (SBM) Club.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Passion for Triathlons

By Ho Khin Wai, 1st Year, Diploma in Banking &; Financial Services

Mention the word “Triathlon” and his face would light up immediately.

First-year Banking and Financial Services student, Gael Woon, may seem just like a normal student, but during his free time, he spends more than 10 hours a week training for triathlons!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Talents@NAA Grand Finale

By Ho Khin Wai, First Year Diploma in Banking & Financial Services

(Left to right) NYP finalists Choo Xia Meng, Alex Shieh Jun Fa and Chon Hui Li
Excitement is in the air, as one student and two alumnus from NYP gear up for their one-minute “live” pitch in the hope to win ‘Talents@NAA 2011’, an event organised by the Ngee Ann – Adelaide Education Centre. ‘Talents@NAA’ is an island-wide talent search for polytechnic students who have the passion and aspirations to make a difference in their interested fields of study. The winner of the competition will be presented the grand prize of $3,000 study grant (or $1,500 cash).

Monday, June 6, 2011

My first harrowing experience as a student nurse

The 10,000th Nursing student may have graduated. But NYP’s Nursing faculty will still continue to inspire and nurture students like Michelle Kok (Year 2), who shares with us how she overcame a harrowing experience during her attachment.

“ I was previously from ITE, and it has shaped me and defined my choices for the future. Currently, studying in NYP is a whole new experience. I gained a deeper understanding of my coursework and attained a new level of progression. I always enjoy learning new things.
During my first semester in Year 2, I was attached to an obstetrics ward. It was a most unforgettable and fruitful experience for me. I reported to the ward like any other day. But that day, I never knew I would experience an adrenaline rush. I was exposed to blood gushing out from a patient right in front of my eyes. We had learnt about this kind of emergency situations in school; the patient had early postpartum haemorrhage. It was a really rare experience for me. We had to apply APIE: Assess, Plan, Implement and Evaluate. Quick action needed, and every second was very precious to us in order to gain control of the patient’s life.
For me, I ensured that the patient’s vital signs are stable and I talked to her to allay her fears. As I’m only a student nurse, I could not administer medication without supervision especially in an emergency situation like this. However, I was very fortunate to be able to observe the other nurses prepare the emergency kit, and the medication/ drip needed to maintain her vitals. The doctors also rushed down to the ward to assess her, doing a sterile procedure for her right on the spot and removed her blood clots. I felt like I was in the ER drama series. The nurses and doctors made me feel I’m part of their team and inspired me with their efficient skills.
As student nurses, we also got to attend to the pre and post-natal mothers and adorable babies, together with the ward staff. We got to learn and apply the new skills that we have learnt in school and also consolidated the nursing skills we have learnt in Year 1.
I will always bear in mind that overcoming difficulties will make me a stronger person. I enjoy all my placements. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our lecturers for preparing and coaching us adequately for our attachments. These experiences will help me on my journey to becoming a qualified nurse.
People will tell you how difficult it is to deal with patients, and for example, how gross it is to change a diaper. But basically, we have to bear in mind that everything has dark side and a bright side, just like any job. J