Monday, June 27, 2011

Making a Big Impact!

By Azam Zaheerulhaq, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management
The SBM Club family
A few hundred freshmen turned up all smiles on 13th June, eagerly chatting and anticipating the activities at Camp Impact, an annual freshmen orientation camp organised by School of Business Management (SBM) Club.
We had a mass ice-breaker game at the start before we split up into groups to design group flags and learn various cheers. By then, the sense of camaraderie amongst the campers was very evident. Towards the evening, we were led to our bunks, went for a quick shower and gathered at the Sky Garden at the top floor of Block D for a sumptuous dinner.

Campers digging in to the scrumptious dinner
After dinner, the campers sat through Shutter, a Thai horror movie before embarking on their night walk around campus. We were caught unaware when facilitators, stationed at different areas, jumped out of bushes and from behind pillars to unwary campers!

“Everyone should go for camps whenever they get the chance, because you’ll make such good friends. And they’re the ones who’ll make your Poly life more colourful and lively,” said Sukhvinder Singh, Camp Impact attendee and 1st Year Business Management student.

The best part of the camp was the Amazing Race, which was held on the second day. We had to scale various landmarks across Singapore searching for clues and racing against time. Despite having had less than 4 hours of sleep, campers and facilitators alike were enthusiastic and rushing to and fro! We were all trying to beat the other groups.

We all got drenched during our last day! That is because we were pitted against one another in the ultimate test of skill and stamina and had to roll in mud pits, bury our faces in flour and had water splashed on us during our mad dash for the finish line.

“I’ll never look at paint and flour the same way again!” - Vignesh Kumar, Camp Impact attendee

Emotions ran high as the camp drew to a close. Many campers could be seen hugging one another, tears welling in their eyes.

“I can’t believe how much I hated camp in the beginning, now all I want is to go back in time and enjoy every moment,” said Sukhvinder. “They say the only unsinkable ship is friendship, now I truly know what it means.”

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