Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogshop Till You Drop: How Did We Do It?

By Kishen Van Anker, Year 2, Diploma in Business Management

Held at the NYP Atrium on 11 and 12 July, Blogshop Till You Drop was a shopping roadshow that showcased many blogshops selling apparel, stationery, gifts and accessories for the male and female student population. Organized by Events Management and Road Show (EMRS) students as part of their Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP), it was an event filled with highlights such as flash mobs and a Blogshop King and Queen contest. External vendors such as Frolick ice-cream and Ramlee Burgers added to the festivities. We interviewed School of Business Management students Herman Tan and Leonard Loh, to find out how they put the entire event together!
Leonard Loh (left) and Herman Tan, both in charge of the event
How many blogshops were present at the event?

Leonard: There were a total of 26 blogshops, which were carefully screened to suit NYP students.

Tell us more about the preparations for the event in Day 1 and Day 2 respectively?

Herman: On Day 1, setting up of fixtures and other logistical equipment started at 8:30am. Food stalls
came in at 9am without any delays. It took about 45 minutes to set up everything. This, of course, could
not be done without the collective effort of the guys from EMRS. The event took off earlier than
expected at 10am. Once Day 1 of the event has ended, the team discussed and finalised the manpower requirements for Day 2. This was indeed a test of our time management and passion.

On Day 2, we had to set up the runway which nearly stretched to the entrance of the auditorium. It was
no easy feat but we managed to set it up and thankfully faced no problems. Instructions were given out
to specific students assigned with regards to the event highlights we had planned – a flash mob and
Blogshop King & Queen competition. Our emcees managed to pull in a good lunchtime crowd during the fashion parade and it went well with no major hiccups. Our very own EMRS students also performed a flash mob right after the competition.

Finally, we had a mystery flash mob at 4:15pm that even some EMRS students were not informed about.
This was so we could surprise them during the closure for Blogshop Till You Drop.

What were the challenges you faced?

Herman: We have been in school for more than 10 hours each day, and many of us have other commitments (CCAs, leadership camps, etc). Therefore, having the need to prioritize and be flexible is imperative. Passion is also necessary because to fulfill a task, one needs the drive to do it well.

Another challenge has to be tagging of every product with the right price tag. It was by, no means, an easy task because it has to be accurate, leaving no room for error. We would not want a case where we over or under charge a customer by tagging the wrong price tag.

The third challenge was getting the blogshops to confirm their attendance for the event. Because most blogshop owners hold full time jobs or are full time students like us, and it wasn’t easy to get hold of them. We managed to do so after much perseverance.

What have you learned from organizing such an event, Leonard?

Leonard: I have learned to communicate effectively with my fellow EMRS mates. I have also learned to
listen actively when my supervisors are giving us instructions and tasks, especially when these tasks need to be completed within a specific time. To lead such an event, one has to be patient, passionate and driven in order to produce a successful event.

Thank you, Herman and Leonard for your time.

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