Monday, July 25, 2011

Friendships bloom at the EMRS booth!

By Yvonne To Yi Man, Year 2, Diploma in Accountancy & Finance
Team 4 posing with Donald Duck, one of the mascots roaming around
My School, the School of Business Management (SBM), Teaching Enterprise Programme (TEP) celebrated Friendship Day - a day dedicated to honour the beautiful relationship of friendship. On 13th July 2011, at least 410 participants supported the booth set up by the Event Management and Roadshow (EMRS) Team 4 students. Every member wore a different colour for their tops which symbolises the vibrancy and youthfulness of the friendship day atmosphere.

Highlights of the day included song dedications and heartfelt messages were written on a giant greeting board for their friends. Some of the songs dedicated included I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Rolling in the Deep by Adele and so many more. What caught my eye on the giant greeting board was a quotation written by anonymous saying A True Friend Is Someone Who Sees the Pain in Your Eyes While Everyone Else Believes the Smile on Your Face.
Dedications written on our lovely board

A photo booth with a colourful backdrop was put up for students to take pictures with their friends while wearing the hand-made, free friendship bands. A total of 410 colourful hand-made friendship bands had been made by EMRS Team 4 with much love.

“After days of hard work, the sight of 410 completed friendship bands provides you with a sense of achievement and you’ll feel that your hard work injected was all worthwhile” said Lindsey Loh, a member of the team.

The friendship bands attracted many to visit the booth and have also captured many hearts. Many commented on the attractiveness of the friendship bands and showed their appreciation with a word of thanks along with a smile.

Robin Goh, an EMRS Team 4 member said, “You do feel happy yourself when groups of students walk out from the booth wearing the friendship bands that you’ve made, especially when they thank you for your effort.”
Friendship bands!

Although it was a challenge to Team 4 due to shortages in manpower and time, everyone ended their day with a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and most importantly many felt that this event was a successful and a memorable one. The day was really enjoyable because the air was filled with laughter and joy. This was also evident from the pictures which were then uploaded on the “TEP celebrates Friendship Day 2011” Facebook page.

This event was definitely a mega hit and we have also successfully shared the message of treasuring your friends across the SBM cohort. Let’s remember and cherish Friendship Day, not only on Friendship Day itself, but also for every single day of our lives as well.

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