Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introduction to TEP: Accounting Services Centre

By Yvonne To Yi Man & Najla Feroz, Year 2, Diploma in Accounting & Finance
Our last day at Accounting Services Centre
Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) is a term you will come to be familiar with in your second year if you belong to the School of Business Management.
TEP covers three different stopovers which comprises of half-shift, full-shift and also classical (classes with two modules). Today, we would like to share with you about our experience in the Accounting Services Centre (ASC), where we had our half-shift stopover.

Learning to use different types of accounting software
ASC is something all accounting students will go through. It is extremely challenging yet fulfilling because it provides students with an insight about the accounting industry. We learnt how to use the Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) accounting software, which comes in handy during internships. The fun part of the software is when you see how a transaction is being recorded in various business industries, and learn how to analyse the financial statements and reports!

Working at the ASC has allowed us to learn how to use Microsoft excel advance functions which is an eye-opener because we have all heard about how wonderful this software is but do not really understand what it is capable of doing. After ASC, you will be able to create fully automated forms with updated stock lists and so many more! This equips us with the skills needed to impress our future internship providers!

Besides all the amazing software we experienced, we also got to audit various outlets located in our campus such as MSC Studio, Cheers, the pharmacy and Mini Challenger. This provided us with a first-hand experience on how the audit process works.
We made many friends at TEP!
And as the saying goes, what is life without a challenge? Similarly, ASC had its challenges for us. These challenges are what made us strive to do our level best regardless of task. Amongst the key challenges we faced was working on audit, something we had no background on. Besides this, we also face the challenge of working with people we have not worked with before. This certainly was directed at preparing us for the working world. And no doubt, all of us at ASC definitely appreciate this challenge because it led to us making new friends.

So, what you can expect from ASC is to strengthen the bonds of friendship between classmates and have a whole lot of fun in exploring the different parts of Accounting in the various scopes planned by our dedicated lecturers.

What you will need to equip yourself with before entering into ASC is the readiness to learn, perseverance, determination and a positive attitude. With all that, we are sure that you will enjoy yourself with this experience.

Said Yong Hui Shan, a Year 2 Diploma in Accounting & Finance student, “ASC has not only imparted knowledge to us but has also given us the chance to broaden our network of friends. And no doubt, the friendships made and the knowledge gained from ASC are things that will stay with me for a lifetime!”

We wish you all the best!


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