Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where Voices Unite

By Ho Khin Wai, Yr 1, Diploma in Banking and Finance

On the 22nd of July, a handful of juniors, including myself, turned up for Soundcard camp 2011. Soundcard is a CCA group in NYP for students who love singing and performing songs on stage (think Glee). We were clueless about what we were going to do there, but little did we realize we were going to have the experience of a lifetime!

On the first night, we played many games till 9pm, and got to interact with new friends and seniors. Soon after, a Malay horror film was being screened. Many times, muffled squeals and gasps could be heard from our friends. Thereafter, we were being led out for night walk around the campus. Many of us enjoyed being “freaked out” by the unexpected “ghosts” and “ghouls” who jumped out from behind pillars and walls!
The second day was the highpoint of this whole camp. The Soundcard committee had linked up with NYP Adventure Club so that we had an opportunity to try out the rock climbing, high elements and flying fox in NYP. Everyone had their go at the facilities and we could see smiles on our members’ faces as they complete each item.

After that, we had an ‘Amazing Race’ challenge, here we were given cut-up pieces of a picture and had to piece them together to figure out the next station. Throughout the whole race, we had water bombs and flour thrown at us while going through games and obstacles. We tried to encourage each other and motivated our team to do their best.

The ending point was at the NYP stadium, where we were faced with the ‘Soap Race’. We had our heads SOAKED in foaming soap and each one of our legs tied to another team member’s leg. Next, we had to compete with other teams to get to the finishing line, with our legs tied! With good coordination and teamwork, our group managed to complete the race.
Since this is Soundcard, on the last day of the camp, we sang and performed in front of all camp attendees. Each group had managed to “floor” the audience with amazing voices and choreography.
At the end, everyone was tired but felt that the camp had been a great success. The bond between Soundcarders was definitely much stronger.

“Soundcard camp was awesome! We have grown to become one big happy family. I have learnt so much from the seniors and I would want to attend the camp again next year,” said Soundcard member Hidayah Azman, Year 1, Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

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