Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back To School: Doing It Right!

By Nur Mirrah Amit, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

A whole semester has finally passed then comes along a few good weeks to just let yourself take a break and let it all in. I’m a freshman, and having to spend four years in secondary school and a few months in junior college, living the life as a polytechnic student is different from what I had in mind. I was thinking maybe I could slack around, make tons of new friends and finally have it the easy way by not doing so much school work. Boy, I was wrong! Semester two is about to start and surely, you do not want history to repeat itself. So how about a few tips to get swing yourself for a good semester ahead?

Spend and Eat Wisely

We have three canteens in NYP plus a Cheers store which means endless food choices. Watch what you eat, the price tag set to it and how many times you eat in a day! You don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet and go up one size, do you?


Keeping Up With Time Management

Deadline is tomorrow and you’re still up at 1am in the morning trying to complete it? That’s not the way. Always keep track of your deadlines and check for your progress from time to time. Take note, everyday, of what is now your top most priority. With one done and down, the world seems a lot a better. Obviously, you face less stress! Don’t enrol yourself into the ‘Burn Out Club’!


Give Yourself a Reality Check

Be real. Being fake gets you nowhere. If your friends like you for not being who you are, you are deceiving them and yourself. If they’re your real friends, they’ll love and accept you for who you are and just the way you are without needing you to change. It’s much more comfortable being in your very own skin anyway.


Be Considerate

One of the things I hate most about my journey to school is inconsiderate students who walk in big groups, hogging the entire walking space while walking in the shelter to campus. I have to dodge them here and there and seriously speaking, it’s not easy. Then again, it comes to having to witness leftover plates left behind in campus’ canteens. I thought all of us were taught to clear your plates and rubbish after you’re done, right? I’m sure you don’t wish to be treated the same way. Reflect!


Always Pay Attention In Lectures

Heads up, this is so important that I can’t stress it enough. I have a module that I really don’t like and I tend not to really pay attention, thinking “Hey, I’ve got my notes!”. Exams crept up to me and most of the questions in it were the ones explained during lecture when I wasn’t paying attention. So learn and pay lots of attention. It will help. It might be a little tough for some of you. So bring a sweet or two just to keep your eyes wide open and yourself attentive!

Don’t Be Late For Class

Punctuality is key. I just bet your discipline master must have said this a thousand times back in secondary school. Sleep early the night before, have a good rest and wake up early the next day. You don’t want to end up being locked outside of your classroom for the whole module period. Besides, the first few minutes of class are always interesting, right? ;)


Dress Appropriately

I know, I know that it’s a polytechnic so you can almost dress in any way you want. In the span of simply one semester, I am truly shocked to see girls decked in original Prada and Guess apparels and guys proudly dressed in Zara Men. It’s an education institution, people, so dress comfortably – relaxed tees, comfortable jeans and shorts, sneakers. It’s not a fashion runway. Well, at least that’s in my opinion, of course.


Be Confident

You’re in such a small class and it’s so much easier for you to build close bonds with your classmates. You can’t do that if you’re always keeping quiet. So, speak up. Smile and radiate confidence. The love will come naturally ;)


Be Prepared For Anything and Everything

Anything can happen, honestly. Be prepared for your projects to go wrong, for your talents to bail out, for your lecturers to present you with a surprise pop quiz on the past weeks’ topics. Get yourself a notebook, a handy-dandy pen and make yourself a list of your deadlines and backup. Plus, don’t forget to revise. It’s always good to revise and be ahead of your classmates. Perhaps, your name on the Director’s list, how ‘bout that?


Enjoy Yourself

We’re all so, so, so young and we still have so much to give in life. But in between impending deadlines and studying for your end of semester examinations, take a step back and learn to enjoy yourself. Take caution though, don’t enjoy yourself too much or you could find yourself repeating your modules and never graduate in time.

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  1. if i am admitted into the director list, what is going to happen? is there a presentation ceremony or smth like tat?