Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gearing up for WorldSkills 2012: A brand new category and new competitors!

Today is the first day of the WorldSkills Competition (WSC), held in London, UK.  This competition, dubbed the ‘Olympics of Skills’, will see 1,000 competitors from 50 countries/regions competing in 46 skills areas.  Team Singapore is represented by competitors from the polytechnics and ITE.  Some of our participants are nervous and excited, while others stay calm and collected. So who are these competitors? How have they prepared themselves? Let’s find out more about them!
Jaslyn (left) and Rachel from Diploma in Nursing
Caring (team)
1)      Li Kaiyun Jaslyn, Diploma in Nursing
2)      Rachel Chloe Chua, Diploma in Nursing
For this team event, Jaslyn and Rachel will focus on specific tasks which they are good in. The tasks they are required to do include teaching patients, giving injections and giving advice. They have also spent one week on London time in order to get used to the time difference.
Said Jaslyn, “Although I am elated to have come this far, I could feel the high expectations pinned on me from my family and friends. I hope to meet these expectations with flying colours.”
Said Rachel, “Training for the WorldSkills Competition is definitely not a bed of roses. However, at the end of the day, there is a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have completed my tasks to the best of my ability.”
CNC Milling
Lin Zhaoxiong Kenny, Diploma in Digital & Precision Engineering
Kenny went overseas to train with the exact competition machine model two months ago. He is also training hard and doing lots of assessments to familiarise himself with machine controls and various tasks. If you have no idea what is CNC Milling, well it’s basically programming a machine – known as a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine - to cut shapes out of metal or plastic to very specific dimensions J
Said Kenny, “After World Skills Singapore, I have been training harder for WorldSkills London 2011. I feel that I am now more prepared for the Competition. I hope to learn more advanced techniques and knowledge in CNC technology. I am also excited to find out where I stand in terms of skill competence in this industry.”
Kenny (left) will be partipating in CNC Milling and Han Jie (right) will be doing CNC Turning
CNC Turning
Ong Han Jie (above) , Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
Similar to CNC Milling, CNC Turning requires participants to shape a rotating, cylindrical work piece with a machine tool, to precise dimensions. The challenge for him is the time limit of 3.5 hours for machining and 1 hour for programming. 
Said Han Jie, “I joined WorldSkills Singapore because I wanted to gain more experience on CNC Technology, which will be useful for me in the future. It has been tough for me as I have to study as well as to train for the competition. But I am fully committed to do well in both aspects. I will do my best for Singapore in WorldSkills to get a Gold Medal!”
Graphic Design Technology
Marilyn Tham May Peng, Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation)
Marilyn is one lucky competitor. She went overseas for a friendly match and to learn some technical aspects. In Singapore, she was being coached in simulation tests, such as designing outdoors at Orchard road to train her concentration in a noisy environment. 
Said Marilyn, “Since young, I have been interested in drawing, which evolved into a passion for design in recent years. The skills that I have picked up will strengthen my career prospects. By joining WorldSkills Competition, I will be able to glean further insights in this creative industry. I have a vision of ‘beautifying the world’ with my skills.”
IT Network Systems Administration

Sim Mong Khim Jared, Diploma in Business Enterprise IT
Jared prepared himself by doing a lot of research.  He believes knowledge is power when it comes to configuring IT network systems. He has also been training by tackling tasks set by trainers and looking out for new features and challenges to improve his skills.
Said Jared, “In the beginning, it was never about competing or winning, but merely to learn a new skill. Representing Singapore at the international WorldSkills Competition in the IT Network Systems Administration skills area is beyond my imagination. I have learned stuff that I never would have thought I would be doing.”
Mobile Robotics (Team)
Shi Jie (Left) and Chia Kai are determined to out-robot their competitors
1) Tan Chia Kai, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering.         
2) Tang Shi Jie, Diploma in Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering
It was a video on robots that got Shi Jie interested in robots in the first place.  Similarly, for Chia Kai, his addiction to games affected his ‘O’ levels grades, but he had managed to overcome this by channelling his energies to programming instead.  We hope they will use their strengths to conquer all other robots in WorldSkills J
Said Shi Jie,” During secondary school days, in an introductory session to inform us on what courses we could choose in the polytechnic, a short video caught my attention. It was about a robot performing a programmed task. There was a connection immediately and the rest is history. Winning is not the key. It is the process that gets you to the destination you want to go that matters.”
Said Chia Kai, “Mobile Robotics requires knowledge of many programming skills and algorithms. The number of ways in which a robot can be programmed to do a specific task appears to be unlimited. Also, being accurate and consistent are key factors in programming. We expect a tough competition ahead in WorldSkills London against competitors from various countries.”
Visual Merchandising (New category)

Loh Yi Qi, Diploma in Interior Design
As this is a new category, Yi Qi tells herself to stay calm and enjoy the process because she does not want to stress herself and tense up at the competition. She also feels happy to be a pioneer in this competition area and hopes to gain valuable experience. One advantage she thinks she has is the perspective view, learnt from her diploma course, whereby she uses depth-of-field to aid her in her visualisation.
Said Yi Qi,” I believe that the journey to winning is not an easy one. In the beginning, the only clue I had about Visual Merchandising was displaying products in a space. I have to learn everything from the basics. But I am thankful that my foundation in Interior Design has helped me excel in this skill area. Internships with brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas and Charles & Keith had given me valuable learning experiences. To stay calm during the competition, I intend to enjoy the process of competing and remind myself to take every training session now seriously.”

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