Friday, December 2, 2011

Dare to Care!

Hello everybody, I’m Sherry and I’m currently a Year 2 student of Social Sciences (Social Work). This semester, our class of 26 has been tasked to run a social campaign for one of our modules - Communication & Public Education.

After a few days of discussion, the class has come to a mutual agreement to run a social kindness campaign in NYP. So how did we derive at this point, you may ask? Well, the class had a sharing session and we discussed about any recent social events which have affected us in one way or another. Now, I’m very sure that most, if not all of you are particularly aware of the infamous ‘YueYue’ incident by which a little girl was run over multiple times by various vehicles before someone actually stepped out to help her. This particular piece of news affected us all and we decided that we need to do something about it.
We came to the conclusion that there are already various campaigns out there that targets to promoting acts of kindness, however, none of which are actually daring individuals to ‘prove’ their kindness. We believe that kindness is a part of everyone but it takes more than just awareness to get the people to actually step out of their comfort zone and extend their help.

At the end of the day, through this campaign, we hope to not only raise the awareness about the fact that social kindness is not just a thing of the past but to also dare individuals to pledge to kindness and actually do something about it. We can promote social kindness and provide a list of the kind things that we can do but at the end of the day, it has to start with Me and You! So come down and support us in this very special social event and we’ll see you on 16th December 2011, at NYP’s very own Atrium! See you there! J

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