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NYP Open House 2012 Spotlight: Grace Lai

Grace Lai’s parents were surprised at first when she told them that she wanted to enrol at NYP after her ‘A’ levels.

But her parents were quickly won-over by Grace’s passion for helping others and her determination for becoming a nursing professional. She may have taken the ‘scenic’ route, but she’s happy to finally be on the right path.

Her decision to pursue a Diploma in Nursing at NYP has paid off. She has garnered multiple awards including the Singapore Nurses Association Award for Clinical Education in Nursing and the CapitaLand Healthcare Frontliners Award.

She is currently pursuing a nursing degree with the University of Manchester. She will share her unique perspective with ‘O’ level graduates and their parents at the “Parents Seminar: Choices After ‘O’s”.

Discover NYP learns more about her unique journey and her NYP experience.

1. Why did you choose the polytechnic route?
The polytechnic route comes right to my mind as nursing in a polytechnic is known to be hands on, with the balance in both theory and practical. It was also strongly recommended by friends who were in the course when I sought their opinion in areas such as the curriculum and modules offered. The word-of-mouth from them affirmed my decision.

2. After you completed you Junior College studies, you decided to come to NYP. Was it a tough decision?
Initially, I struggled. I questioned if I’ll be able to adapt in the contrastingly different environment and to start all over again. There was a myriad of considerations which includes the fact that I’ll be more senior among my classmates in poly and ‘lagging’ compared to my peers of the same batch. Nevertheless, I decided to take that leap of faith- to pursue my calling - nursing. It was a decision I’ve never regretted making.  My parents gave me their full support.

3. Why did you want to take up nursing?
My passion in wanting to be a nurse started few years back when I did community work in Sree Narayana Mission Home in Yishun. It began during my first interaction with the elderly in the Home and I never knew that it could give me such overwhelming joy.  I felt that nursing is my calling, and it enables me to serve patients, which is a meaningful thing to do.

4. Why did you choose NYP?
Nursing in NYP has good reputation and is well established, which is a plus point for me. It is also convenient to travel there as it is strategically located beside Yio Chu Kang MRT station.

5. How did you benefit from coming to NYP?
I felt that I had gained tremendously during my 3 years in NYP. Apart from acquiring knowledge and skills in nursing, I had a very enriching student life and lots of personal development. There were plenty of opportunities to go overseas, and I was thankful to be able to experience life in America when I went for overseas attachment at University of Pennsylvania for a month.  I also went to Cambodia for Youth Expedition Project for 16 days. It enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and broaden my horizons.  

6. Describe your academic life at NYP.
My academic life at NYP was an exciting journey of learning and discovery. For instance, without prior background knowledge in biology, learning about things like the complexity of the body structure and organs was something new and fascinating. With a strong interest in modules such as psychology and sociology, my learning was filled with a sense of meaning.

The simulation-based learning was the most exciting part in training. The computer-simulated setup resembles real life settings in hospitals and skills that were learned can be applied on the manikin . This is especially useful and relevant as it is a good practice on how to deliver care to the patient. It also trains and equips students with the essential skills of critical thinking skills and teamwork, which prepares them for the workforce.

7. How about the non-academic aspect of your life at NYP?
The non-academic part of my life in NYP added colour to my student life. I took up community service and School of Health Sciences Club as my Co-Curricul Activities, and was involved in organising and executing a whole range of fun-filled activities and events such as school orientation for the new intake, celebrations such as National Day, Racial Harmony Day, debates, etc.  Other events such as seminars and campus-runs also broadened my social circle.

8. How has your polytechnic education helped you in pursuing your degree?
My polytechnic education has given me a strong foundation to pursue my two-year full-time degree in University of Manchester under Singapore Institute of Technology.  It enabled me to build on my existing knowledge and progress further. 

9. Did reality meet your expectations of polytechnic life?
It did and it went beyond my expectations of polytechnic life. I did not expect myself to have such an enjoyable learning journey with holistic development in both academic and non-academic aspects and opportunities to go overseas. This allowed me to develop better self-awareness and challenge my limits.   

10. What will you talk about during the Parents’ Seminar?
I’ll be sharing, together with Sheena, on our experiences in the academic and non-academic highlights in NYP, in the form of a Talk Show.

11. Any advice for ‘O’ level graduates and their parents?
For the ‘O’ level graduates, pursue your interest and passion, and give it your best shot.
For parents, support is the best thing your children need in the pursuit of their dreams.

12. What is your favourite moment at NYP?
My favourite moment was during my 16 days in Cambodia, under NYP’s Youth Expedition Project. Together with the team of students of different schools, we organised and conducted health educations programmes for the orphans, planned games & activities, did mural painting and set up booth for gift donations. We had lots of fun and an enjoyable time interacting and reaching out to the less fortunate. I felt blessed to be able to give and the sense of satisfaction was rewarding.

13. What is your proudest moment at NYP?
My proudest moment was during my graduation day when I received the Diploma certificate on the stage.  Apart from my family’s presence, I was so honoured and touched that my JC mentor came to support me.  I was glad to share the joy of my graduation with my lecturers and friends who saw me through the wonderful journey in NYP.
Grace Lai with her family and her JC mentor.

Grace will be speaking at “Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar” 6 January 2012, Friday, 7pm.

Joining her will be fellow NYP Graduate, Sheena Ramazanu.

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