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NYP Open House 2012 Spotlight: Sheena Ramazanu

Sheena Ramazanu has all the qualities of a great nursing professional. When asked about her greatest achievement, she rather talk about helping her classmates score ‘A’s rather than her own distinctions (35!) and ‘A’s (6!).

And like many NYP graduates, Sheena’s story started when she graduated from secondary school.

When Sheena completed her ‘O’ levels, she knew she wanted to study nursing. As a young girl, her father, who himself was a former nurse and a nursing lecturer for over 16 years, would tell her dramatic stories about caring for patients.

When she was tasked to work on a secondary school project on the disabled, her passion for nursing was cemented. She was deeply inspired when the blind diabetic patients she spoke to cited their nurses as their motivation to go on with life.

And thus began her journey into nursing.

She enrolled in NYP’s School of Health Sciences after her ‘O’ levels and graduated in 2011. Along the way, she picked up a venerable bevy of awards including the Ministry of Health Gold Medal, the Singapore Nurses Association Award for Clinical Education in Nursing, the CapitaLand Healthcare Frontliners Award and the Tay Eng Soon Award; which is presented to the top graduate from the School of Health Sciences.

This distinguished NYP graduate is currently pursuing her degree in nursing, and she will be sharing her story with ‘O’ level graduates and their parents at the “Parents Seminar: Choices After ‘O’s”.

Discover NYP learns more about her story.

1.Why did you choose NYP?
There are many reasons. Firstly, NYP is the pioneer in offering Diploma in Nursing. Secondly, I realise that NYP has world class Nursing Laboratories and Simulation Centres that will facilitate my knowledge and skill development. Thirdly, NYP has a group of experienced lecturers who are experts in various specialities. Fourthly, NYP strongly supports an ‘all round’ education, providing various local and overseas activities and experience.

2. How did you benefit from coming to NYP?
All my gurus, the lecturers, are my friends. They are so down to earth that I still keep in close contact with them. I have made hundreds of friends while working on various group projects and have widened my scope and experience. To me, the best part of a tertiary education is not so much getting good grades, but more importantly the social process. NYP has prepared me socially, with a good value system, to meet the challenges in society with confidence.

NYP has also provided me with wider international opportunity, not only to gain knowledge and skills, but to better acquaint myself about various cultures and diverse approach to nursing in other countries. For my Overseas Industrial Placement Programme (OIPP), I was attached to The University of Pennsylvania and for study visits, NYP provided opportunity for me to visit The Surrey University in UK and The Australian Catholic University in Brisbane; all in all a very enriching experience 

3. Describe your academic life at NYP.
Basically I am a friendly and helpful person. My success is more due to my ability to make friends and make them good friends. During my 3 years in NYP my biggest challenge was how to better motivate my peers. My greatest success was that I successfully motivated my entire class in our final year nursing project. All students scored an “A” Grade. This academic experience in NYP was my greatest achievement.

4. How has your polytechnic education helped you in pursuing your degree?
NYP has given me a strong nursing foundation. To continue the house analogy, now, as I pursue my Nursing Degree course at UOM, I feel that I am only putting up the different floors storeys, walls and roof.  When the foundation is strong other things just fall into place. I feel my progress has been smooth.

5. How about the non-academic aspect of your life at NYP?
I took an active part in the WorldSkill Competition in which my partner and I had won a Silver Award locally. I had organized short tours for my classmates, mainly to Malaysia. I had represented NYP in various ministerial forums and discussions. I took active part in student orientation programmes and I had served as a friend and mentor for many of my junior colleagues at NYP.

As a mentor I helped clarify difficult concepts. I also went out of way to help my classmates and junior colleagues in their nursing skill acquisition. I had served as student representative during dialogue sessions with the Directors. I had served in various student committees to assist and support in Open House, graduation ceremony, programmes for local and foreign visitors, nurses’ day functions and national day activities.  

6. Did reality meet your expectations of polytechnic life?
I believe in setting my own expectation and creating my own opportunity to excel in my growth and development as a student at NYP. Of course NYP had provided the best methods, materials and techniques in order for me to achieve my goals during the 3 years of academic life.

7. What will you talk about during the Parents’ Seminar?
During the Parents’ Seminar I will share with parents and participants my learning journey at NYP. How NYP has shaped me; firstly, as a viable Singapore Citizen with good moral and social values and how SHS has shaped me to become a good nurse, setting me on the right track to “The World of Caring”

8. Any advice for ‘O’ level graduates and their parents?
Nursing is a good and internationally recognised profession. And in Singapore, NYP is number one in Nursing. NYP offers the best facilities, experienced lectures, best nursing curricula and best industry based training necessary to become the best nurse and a best professional.

Sheena will be speaking at “Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar” 6 January 2012, Friday, 7pm.

Joining her will be fellow NYP Graduate, Grace Lai.

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