Friday, March 23, 2012

Fusion 2012: The Brand New Show

For arts graduates, it is a dream to be recognised for their work. It is no different for 291 graduating students from the School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM), each one hoping to be recognised for their talents in creating Animation, Games, Interaction Design, Digital Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design, which is why each and every student is mighty pleased to be displaying his/her work at Fusion 2012: The Brand New Show at NYP Auditorium from 22-24 March.

CADC: A Legacy of Excellence

NYP’s Current Affairs and Debating Club’s (CADC) recent win at the Inter-Poly Debates Competition could not have been more poignant. It was the club’s 12th victory and a momentous occasion for the alumni coaches, the seniors and the new members.

It also seemed like the perfect present for NYP’s 20th Anniversary.

After two days of gruelling competition, NYP’s team A, consisting of Kanna Paramatheva, Marcus Ng Aik Wei  (both from School of Engineering) and S Prabu Dev (School of Chemical & Life Sciences) brought home the trophy for an unprecedented 12th time.

Business as usual. The CADC is victorious again. (From left to right:  S Prabu Dev, Nazmus Sakib, Kanna Paramatheva and Marcus Ng.

The team swept the tournament with an undefeated 3-0 result. The win was further sweetened by Kanna Paramatheva winning the Best Speaker (Series) Award.

Discover NYP speaks to the winning team to learn more about their recipe for success and what this means for the club’s legacy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Know What Flatters Your Shape : Dress to Impress!

By third-year student MisStyles
Diversity is nature. Nevertheless, it is pretty hard to be satisfied with the way we are shaped.
Think of celebrities such as Megan Fox, Mischa Barton, and K-pop artistes like Girls Generation. From the east to the west, these are people with ‘perfect’ figures. However, in reality, there are celebrities who are not ‘perfect’, yet, they can dress to impress! Let’s stop admiring others and be admired by others! We can start by appreciating our figures first.
Apple shape
The main traits of an apple shape body are larger bust, broader shoulders, narrower hips and less defined waist. Well-known celebrities with such figures include Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Hudson and yes, even Angelina Jolie!
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