Friday, March 23, 2012

Fusion 2012: The Brand New Show

For arts graduates, it is a dream to be recognised for their work. It is no different for 291 graduating students from the School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM), each one hoping to be recognised for their talents in creating Animation, Games, Interaction Design, Digital Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design, which is why each and every student is mighty pleased to be displaying his/her work at Fusion 2012: The Brand New Show at NYP Auditorium from 22-24 March.

Why is it called The Brand New Show you might wonder? It's because this is the first time in SIDM's 16 Year history that students from all 6 diplomas will be graduating and showcasing their work. Previously it had fewer diplomas because students from the other newer diplomas are not due to graduate yet.

Industry guests and visitors even get to take home a nice goodie bag with good stuff at the reception.

The showcase area is separated into two parts - The Atrium and the Auditorium. The atrium features mainly video clips of projects done by various diplomas' students.

A quirky animation done by graduand from Digital Media Design

The auditorium area consists of various booths set up by students from all 6 diplomas. All their best work will be on display and these students are also on hand to explain more about their work to visitors. 

It is also their hope that they would be noticed by  industry visitors, who are potential employers and likely to give them their big break into the industry!

These gorgeous creatures are by Tay Yi Chong, who would like to work as a Concept Artist Illustrator.

Really elaborate illustrations by Valerie Lim, who hopes to be able to get a job as an illustrator or concept artist

Guests are free to leave their namecards at booths of interest :)

A really cute namecard by Jovelle Goh, an Interaction Graphic Designer

Speaking to a visitor
Now you may wonder what exactly is Interaction Design, which is quite mind-boggling. We spoke to a Interaction Design student Elie Ang, who explained that it's basically design that you can interact with. These include games, web cameras, and other forms of audio-visual interaction.

Check out all these other beautiful illustrations and work by SIDM students.

You can see more of their work at their official website at The site is interactive and you can even put artists you like on your 'Watch List'.

The show is not just about illustrations and animation, as students also showcased their technical skills and expertise in certain artistic areas. This piece of work is by Daphne Tan, who is demonstrating Modelling, Texturing, and Lighting, around a room to create an atmosphere.  

This game must have taken ages to create. Can you imagine how many frames (still shots) are required just to animate a scene? A game with length and depth requires a lot of hard work in scripting, animating, conceptualising, drawing and illustration, and much more.

There's a lot of technical skills in Interactive and Digital Media we can't even imagine. Here, student Zeng Shichang, a 3D Character Animator and CG Compositor showcases his Green Screen Compositing. No idea what it is? Take a good look at this picture and the one below!

Yes it's basically laying a subject over a backdrop. This is rather nicely done. Just look at all the intricate greenery and the subject's shadow.

So what are you waiting for? Pay a visit to The Brand New Show, from 10am to 6pm tomorrow, and you may even learn something new, in addition to getting to meet some of the latest talents!

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