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Why choose DPA at NYP?

Many students have benefitted from entering NYP through the Direct Polytechnic Admissions (DPA) exercise. So why choose DPA? Our DPA students tell us their stories.

Ruzana Abdul Rahim (Dunman Sec School alumnus), Year 3, Diploma in Visual Communication
"Before my 'O' Levels, I already knew I wanted to do the Visual Communication course in NYP.
I really really wanted this course, and I felt that I needed to secure a course before the 'O' Level results were out.

 I had an interest in graphic and print design, and also enjoyed studying Design and Technology during my time in secondary school.
The Visual Communication course is basically what I expected. I find the Studio Projects in Visual Communication particularly useful because through these projects, I get to learn about my own strengths. I am also given the liberty to consult lecturers on my own and bounce ideas off them.
During the eight-week Polytechnic Preparatory Programme for DPA students, I got to learn Communication Skills, Introduction to Business, Retail and Marketing and Photoshop.
The programme gave me a headstart to be more familiar with NYP.  I got to make friends earlier, including friends from other courses.
I’m definitely glad that I entered NYP through DPA."

Chai Jia Xu, Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games)

Winner of two well-known creative awards, recent NYP graduate Jia Xun already knew that he wanted to programme games since he was in secondary school. The former Beatty Secondary School student decided to apply through DPA before his ‘O’ Level exams to study Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology (Games) in NYP, even though he could have easily entered his dream course subsequently with his ‘O’ level aggregate of 10 points (L1R4).

“I chose NYP because it was close to my house, and I had an interest in game programming. I went to the Open House and learnt about DPA from a student guide. I wanted to be able to secure a place there. It turned out to be an interesting experience; the 8-week Poly Preparatory Programme (PPP) covered a broad range of topics. I took Communication Skills and a Leadership module, which prepared me to be a leader and gave me confidence in leading a group. I also learnt art and drawing, which was very exciting, and met people from other schools, whom I am still good friends with. Some of my friends went through the JAE route because they were not sure of what they wanted to do. I already knew what I wanted, and am glad I got in early.” 

Jia Xun is now working as a games programmer. Way to go Jia Xun!

Melissa Choo (First Toa Payoh Secondary alumnus), NYP alumnus, currently a first year Psychology student at NTU 

Captain of NYP Swimming Team and most outstanding student from School of Business Management 2011 Melissa Choo may have graduated, but she still thinks entering NYP through DPA is one of the best decisions she made. Here’s why:

"The year I joined NYP was the first year that the DPA scheme started. I knew about DPA through my secondary school, First Toa Payoh, so I decided to give it a try. I think it was because of its Sport and Wellness course. I was very much into sports. That was my field of interest. This proved to be a wise decision as in the end, I discovered I really loved the course a lot.

The Polytechnic Preparatory Programme (PPP) was quite memorable for me. We had our orientation in an “amazing race” style, and had to run to different locations for clues. We got to know the campus better, and also built many friendships with people from other courses.

The PPP modules were also useful to me. I got extra credits, and learnt about entrepreneurship, first aid and nursing.  We did many projects and had group discussions, which helped us to adjust to poly life better. 

At NYP, I have benefited from useful modules and also got to enjoy CCAs of my interests.

DPA helped me to secure a course of my choice at NYP ahead of my peers.  I’m glad I made this choice.” 

Muhammad Arif Khalid (Corporal Secondary School alumnus), Year 2, Diploma in Nursing

"I became interested in nursing because I was an active member of St John Ambulance in sec school. I chose NYP because I had quite a number of friends there, and I heard NYP offered the best nursing course. Besides, I was unsure what my ‘O’ Level score would be (it turned out to be 11) and DPA would give me a better standing compared to the rest of the cohort.
The Polytechnic Preparatory Programme (PPP) for DPA students also helped me to gain more knowledge before school started. I learnt useful topics such as Communication Skills, First Aid in Action, and Entrepreneurship and IT. I could use the module credits I had earned during PPP to replace some course modules during semester time. This gave me more time to devote to my other modules."
S Prabu Dev (Hai Sing Catholic School alumnus), Year 2, Medicinal Chemistry
Prabu (left), a DPA student who won the Inte-Poly Debate 2012 with his NYP teammates.
"I chose to enter Medicinal Chemistry through DPA because I was very sure this was the course I wanted.  Besides, this course was only offered in NYP.  
As a DPA student, I got to participate in the Polytechnic Preparatory Programme before school started. This was quite vital as it introduced me to some of my current modules. I learnt useful modules such as Basic Life Science, Business (which helped me in my current 'Marketing for Life Science' module), and fundamental Communication Skills.  I also got to meet people and network around NYP.
If you have made up your mind, it's better to apply early through DPA to secure your spot. PPP is very advantageous as it gives you exemption from certain General Studies Modules in Year 1, and will help make adjusting to Year 1 much easier. It definitely helped me to leap ahead."

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