Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Things to do During Your Vacation

By Kelly Liew, Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery)

1. Learn a new language
Try challenging Mezzofanti (an 18th century Italian linguist who spoke 39 languages) and start learning a new language today! Challenging as it may seem, learning a new language can be very fulfilling. Through the knowledge of new languages we open doors to other communities and cultures, so don't be afraid, pick up a new language now!

2. Pick up a new book
Books? *Yawns…*
Yes I hear you. Reading is not an activity that many would like to do during vacations. But throw away your prejudices! Reading can be really fun; it is through reading that we learn skills, understand others’ experiences and travel to places we not be able to visit. Ever felt 'stuck' when you are writing your assignments? Reading can also help you explore different writing styles used by different authors.  Try picking up a new writing style after you have read your next book and you will find ideas flowing

better, I promise.

3. Visit Hogwarts
In June, NYP student writer Wahidah wrote about the Harry Potter exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum. Read it but couldn't find time to visit? Okay, bad news. You missed it. Oh no... I was just kidding! The exhibition goes on until the end of September. So for those who have not been there, I urge you to go take a look, and be sure to take home those interesting all-flavours jellybeans!

4. Go down to Marina Bay to feel the F1 heat
The Formula 1 night race is back at Marina Bay again for the 5th year. Tickets go between $58 and $168. If you haven't been to the exciting yet deafening race before, it is time to grab those tickets.
(Photo taken from http://www.singaporegp.sg/gallery/wallpapers.php)

5. Volunteer your time
This year, for the President's Challenge Volunteer Drive, all Non-Profit Organisations will open their doors to let potential volunteers see what they do. On 1st September, you can walk in and see for yourself how different Non-Profit Organisations help the less privileged. You can help animals, the elderly, children or people with special needs. Volunteer now and be someone's hero. Visit http://www.sgcares.org to find out how you can be a volunteer this vacation.

6. Try scrapbooking
I tried scrapbooking recently. It is surprisingly satisfying when pieces of cloth, paper, photos and ribbons come together to form the best present ever. It can cost quite a bit when purchasing the little things for art work, but believe me, it's going to be worth it.

7. Take a short trip out of the country
Who doesn't like a holiday? Make use of the vacation to reward yourself with a refreshing trip overseas. Be it shopping in Bangkok, or food hunting in Hong Kong, I am sure there will be fun anywhere you go. (Reminder: Be sure to check what vaccinations are needed before your departure)

8. Catch up with old friends
For the year ones, I am sure you are missing your secondary friends like crazy. Can't wait to share about your exciting life in NYP? Arrange your meet ups now!

9. Celebrate the Merlion’s 40th birthday
The iconic Merlion celebrates its 40th birthday this September. Go down to the Merlion art installation at Ngee Ann city and discover what inspired the creation of the Merlion from its sculptor Mr Lim Nang Seng. Help to complete the Merlion sculpture by penning your birthday wishes for the Merlion on its scales. That’s not all! The Merlion will also transform into its glittering form during the lightshow at the Merlion Park from the 12th to the 16th of September.

10. Celebrate Mid-autumn festival
The Chinese celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Cake Festival or Lantern Festival) on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This year, it will fall on the 30th September. Join in the fun by lantern painting or shopping at the street bazaar in Chinatown from 15 September to 14 October. If you are like me and being in crowds is not your thing, try finding a nice open space and enjoy the company of family and friends under the full moon with some moon cakes, tea and pomelos.


Kelly is a first year student, pursing an Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery), who loves reading and cooking. She also likes to spend time with her friends, engaging in relaxing activities. Her friends describe her as unpredictable, spontaneous and inquisitive.

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