Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Ninja over Sports Fiesta 2012

By Amira Komari, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management

So how did NYP welcome the month of August? Why, we celebrated it with a bang of course! The atrium and corridors were abuzz with students eagerly participating and supporting their friends in the first-ever NYP Sports Fiesta. It is an event organised by our very own NYP Sports Club. The club is led by 8 committee members from various sports-related CCAs.

The fiesta took place from 10 am till 4pm on 1 August. The highlight was definitely the Running Ninja! It was an obstacle course conceptualised after the Ninja Warrior series and spanned across the entire central fountain area. Participants had to go through the 10 different obstacles as fast as they can. All participants received free sleeveless t-shirts.

At the same time, a SuperHuman Challenge was happening at the Atrium. A total of 6 different stations were set up for students to challenge themselves. It ranged from challenges such as cup stacking to skipping to double jumps.  They looked fun to do. Students who managed to complete 5 out of the 6 stations received free water bottles. 

Happening at the atrium as well was the Keep Fit Classes! A stage was prepared for students from the club to lead the Zumba (dance with Latin American-inspired music) classes that took place during lunchtime.

Kickboxing classes, which were conducted by an external certified instructor, followed after that. Yet again, participants did not leave empty handed and they received free face towels.

Hatadi Faiz, the dedicated vice president for NYP Sports Club, saw to the smooth running of the entire event.

“We met with an obstacle – the rain! It started pouring in the middle of the day.  About 200 participants registered for the Running Ninja. The event was slated to wrap up within 2 hours time but due to the rain, we still had many participants eager to have a go. Thankfully, the rain stopped and we managed to continue fielding participants,” he said.

Into his third year, the Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management student admitted that it was no easy feat trying to piece together the Sports Fiesta. He and his team of 8 members faced challenges during the planning process.

“The committee was busy juggling projects and attachment programmes and could not attend team meetings at the same time. But we managed to pull through in the end with the help of our Student Affairs officers!” said Faiz.

NYP Sports Fiesta 2012 was a success! The participants admittedly had a good time and some even expressed interest to join the event again should it be organised in the future.

All prizes were sponsored by Puma,, H20 and  Kudos to the students who took time off their tight schedule to organise this event as well as the sponsors who were ever so generous with their prizes and freebies!


Amira Komari is a Year 2 student from Mass Media Management. An avid reader, she enjoys her own space and can spend hours in a coffee house with a good book. She thrives upon solitude and nature. She is also obsessed about ice cream and anything colorful, you can almost always find her at a nearby bookstore with her dip dyed Chuck Taylor shoes.

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