Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NYP's F1 Racers

While the F1 drivers vied for the title at the 2012 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, a group of Media Studies & Management students raced against time to produce a series of videos for the celebrated event.

By Siti Bazilah, Year 3, Diploma in Media Studies & Management

I don’t know much about Formula 1 (F1) cars, but I know of many men behind the wheels who love speed and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Alonso, Schumacher, Vettel; just to name a few.

Out of the bunch, I’ve dreamt for a ride in Hamilton’s McLaren, or at least for him to flash me his signature toothy grin.

That dream came true (partly) when I found myself at the heart of this year’s Grand Prix.

With three other classmates – Muhammad Dzar Hanafi, Elizabeth Boon and Liau Jian Hao and lecturer Azhar Abdul-Salam – our team raced against time to produce a series of videos for Singapore Grand Prix in a span of four days.

The show must go on, be it rain or shine
Under the blistering sun, we covered every inch of the 5.1 km circuit to capture priceless footage unfolding before their very eyes. Our skins were burnt and our throat often pleaded for water, but that didn’t stop the cameras from rolling.

Even when the clouds tore open and poured with rain, Dzar and Jian Hao, who were the primary cameramen, soldiered on.

The race must go on, so they say.

Off the tracks, Elizabeth and I pieced the footages together using the Final Cut Pro software.

As we kept ourselves busy editing the video in a room under The Float @ Marina Bay, minutes quickly turned into hours.

We soon became engrossed in what we do and even lost track of time.

Only the occasional piercing sounds of the cars racing by the floating platform reminded us of where we were.

All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy
Each of us worked hard, but we loved what we were doing and basked in the glory of the moment.
There was an expectation to produce a well-composed video, but the pressure wasn’t distressing because Mr Azhar was always there to guide us when we stumbled upon bumps on the road.

Even when we played hard at Maroon 5’s concert held in conjunction with the Singapore Grand Prix event, he was there singing with us. And boy, was I surprised that he knew the lyrics of the songs!

Without Mr Azhar and the support of my other lecturers, we wouldn’t have had the chance to be a part of the celebrated F1 race.

Seeing the F1 cars flashing inches from us, interviewing and high-fiving the F1 racers, and the opportunity of being a Race Official itself was heart thumping and sweetly exhilarating.

For a long time, the unique experience will be wheeling around in the back of our minds.

I’ve also learnt a thing or two about F1 cars – I won’t be getting a ride in Hamilton’s McLaren, until they build a passenger seat.

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