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Up Close and Personal with Mr NYP: Leonard Chew

By Farihin Joehari, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

GenerationNYP (GenNYP), held at The Grand Cathay on 21st July 2012, saw the crowning of Leonard Chew from School of Engineering as Mr NYP in this annual pageant!

Who would have guessed that the shy, action movie junkie who was initially a tad hesitant to join the competition would clinch the title of Mr NYP?

Miracles do happen when we least expect it. I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the amiable Leonard Chew where I got up-close and personal and discovered deets that you want to know about this fine young lad!

1. Kudos for clinching the title of Mr NYP 2012! How does it feel to win this competition?
It feels great to be a representative of NYP! I will definitely do my best and serve NYP well!

2. Did you expect to win Mr NYP 2012?
I totally did not expect to win the competition. The other contestants are outstanding in their own ways and I believe that it is what makes us all winners.

3. Did you feel intimidated by the other contestants?
I did not feel intimidated at all. We see each other as friends rather than contestants. Through this competition, we all became very close friends and are dependent on each other for our confidence on stage. We also give pointers and advice to help one another out in our personal lives!

4. How has your life changed since winning Mr NYP 2012?
Life after GenNYP hasn’t changed that much. I am still the same Leonard I used to be. However, I have gained more confidence in myself. I am able to speak and present myself more confidently and on top of that, I feel that I am now a better leader and also a team player, not only in school but at work as well.

I strongly encourage everyone to participate in events organized by our students. You will definitely learn and receive much more than you expect.

"Look Ma, I'm trying to lift a jet!"
5. We understand that you're from Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology, what made you choose the course? And, why NYP?
I love engineering. I thought about learning and working in the aviation field, and NYP seems to offer really interesting modules. That is why I am here!

6. What are the ups and downs of being a student of Diploma in Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology?
Maths. Any engineering course will require the use of Maths. It is not exactly my strong subject so I work hard to keep up with the pace.

7. How did you approach this problem?
I spend time practising Maths and doing all my homework. Although it is really tedious, it’s essential. I always think of my goal to motivate myself. That goal is to become an aircraft engineer!

8. What is your favourite module and why?
Aeronautical Science is one of the most interesting modules I’ve studied. We get to learn about the fundamentals of the flight of an aircraft in detail and it ties into whatever I have learnt in my course. Every lesson amazes me.

9. Were your lecturer(s)/ tutor(s) a contributing factor for you liking for the module(s)?
I believe so. My lecturer enjoys teaching the module and he is very informative. He also makes lessons fun so we enjoy the classes while learning a lot from him.

10. Are you in a CCA? Do you take part in any other campus activities?
I’m not in a CCA. However, I just like to participate in activities organised by students like The Climb Run, which is a team event that requires you to run and climb the hundreds of steps around campus. It is good to spend some time off from studies and just have fun!

Leonard and friends at NYP!
11. How do you juggle your studies and social life?
It’s all about prioritizing. Just remember that whatever you do, there will be consequences. If you don’t like the consequences, don’t do it!

12. Let me just digress from the serious questions for a bit. What's one unique/ weird thing that you can do that may seem bizarre/ funny to others?
I can imitate the Ugly Pug face. Ugly pugs, Google it!

NOT Leonard. His imitation isn't that good. :P

13. Where is your favourite lepak(hangout) place in NYP and why?
South canteen! It has cheap and good food, lots of breeze and future engineers everywhere! It’s a pretty sweet place to hangout. Sometimes, you may spot me jamming on my ukulele with Arjunan (Hi Arjunan!) in South canteen.

14. What kind of movies and music do you like?
Like any other boy, I like action movies - Dark Knight, Spiderman and super hero stuff.

I am more of a music guy. Jason Mraz, AJ Rafael and Corey Taylor are three of my favorite musicians and have influenced me the most. Besides writing and playing awesome music, I feel that these guys and their bands went all out for music, for the love of music and not for money or fame.

15. You're at your final year now and National Service (NS) is coming up soon. What are your plans after NS?
My aim is to study in a local university, hopefully. I don't really have a plan, but I am open to opportunities that can help me improve and ultimately reach my goals in life.

16. If you could turn back time to change a certain phase of your life, what would it be and why? If no, why?
I won’t turn back time - I like it the way it is now. It reminds me of all the past choices that I have made, both good and bad, and how it has changed my life. I believe that it has taught me to make good decisions.

17. What is your life motto?
Learn from the past, do your best in the present, plan and not worry about the future. It is the principle that guides me through life.

And basically just learn to be happy and accept those things that at present I cannot control, while focusing my efforts on the things I can.

18. Any advice for students who wish to enroll to NYP?
My time in NYP has been very fun and fulfilling. I have found the lecturers from my course to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I am sure that you will learn more than what you expect. NYP is a very fun and conducive place to study. You will be glad you joined NYP!
A Year 1 Mass Media Management student, Farihin Joehari, has a penchant for cooking and wishes Nigella Lawson was his wife. He has a love-hate relationship with food and is a massive movie junkie! He loves going on escapades with his pals and might have a knack of whining too. He also enjoys going to concerts to be left in awe

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