Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Things You Need To Know Before Enrolling in a Polytechnic

Choosing polytechnic courses is not rocket science but thinking through your choices wisely may just be the best decision of your life.

I took the liberty of listing down five most important factors to take note of prior to embarking on your tertiary education.

1. Decide on your passion in life
Yes, passion. Be it playing computer games, drawing, coding, writing or setting up a café. Can you translate this passion into a profession which you will love (e.g. game developer, graphic artist, programmer, journalist, and entrepreneur)?

Do think carefully and try to envision yourself doing this many years in the future. It might be a difficult task, but if you have not yet decided what field best suits you, I suggest you get down to business.
2. Do your research on different courses
Learn everything about the courses you have listed down. By everything, I mean the modules that you will be taking, the possible university pathways, job prospects, internship opportunities and of course, what the courses are all about.

3. Make sensible use of all your 12 choices
Do not be over-complacent and assume that you’ll get either one of the first few choices you listed down. Meeting the Cut-Off-Point (COP) and eligibility criteria of the course does not mean you will get in.

The COP is only a guide (based on the previous year’s results) and may not be the same this year.

Be realistic with your results and do ensure you pick courses that you will be able to get into.

If you want to find out more about how you should do this, attend NYP's Choices After ‘O’s seminar!

4. Choose a poly which is a reasonable distance from home
Your three years of tertiary education may be short but the amount of money for transport, food and expenses will cost a bomb if you need to commute for two hours everyday. Imagine waiting for the buses/ trains during peak and rush hours, I don’t think that’s how you want your day to start or end, yes?

5. Visit our Open House! (5th, 7th  & 8th Jan 2013)

Trust me on this. You will get to know more about the course you’re interested in, firsthand. Talk to students from the course and ask them everything under the sun! They will be the best people to tell you more about the course as they are actually studying it!

Talk to the course lecturers as well! Most of them have been teaching for a long time; thus, they know best about what you can expect from a particular course, and what is expected of you as a student of course.

For more information on NYP Open House 2012, visit

I hope to see you real soon, checking out NYP!

By Farihin Joehari, Year 1, Diploma in Mass Media Management

A Year 1 Mass Media Management student, Farihin Joehari, has a penchant for cooking and wishes Nigella Lawson was his wife. He has a love-hate relationship with food and is a massive movie junkie! He loves going on escapades with his pals and might have a knack of whining too. He also enjoys going to concerts to be left in awe.

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