Sunday, December 9, 2012

NYP Rocks “Like Performing, Love Sony”

By Kelly Liew, Alumna, Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery) 
Oprah Winfrey once said, “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Last October, Lazel Louise Heiramia, Xiao Hui and the duo of Sherlynn Lee & Elizabeth became finalists in the "Like Performance Love Sony" music competition-cum-road show held in NYP. These four adventurous NYP students were given the chance to live their dreams of being a superstar last Wednesday night. They took to the stage to share their music with the audience as they competed with 9 other finalists to represent Singapore at the regional finals.

The grand finale was held at Shuffle Bistro Bar at Clark Quay. As I entered the little bistro at 6pm, it was already packed with energetic fans and supporters of the performers. Every finalist had his or her personal cheerleading squad, but I chose to remain a SECRET cheerleader of our four talented performers. Shhh…

The event started with a performance by 53A, a band from the Timbre Group. Their stunning presence wowed the audience. Even when the lead singer’s microphone got cut off half way through the performance, they played on. And guess what? The audience sang on and completed the song. I was truly amazed.  Or maybe, just maybe, they did that on purpose to get the audience to participate in their performance..

53A Rocking the House!

Lazel was the first finalist on stage. She stood there calmly and started her song "If I ain’t got you" with confidence like a seasoned superstar. I would have been shivering so badly if I were in her shoes. But then again, Lazel is an experienced performer, having performed for Soundcard in many events. She’s an amazing, amazing performer with a powerful voice.

Lazel is a natural on stage!
 I have a confession to make here. I appreciate nice music, but pardon me; I am really bad at remembering the title of songs. But I do remember the title of one of the two songs that the next two girls sang. I think it’s called "Just the way you are".

Sherlynn and Elizabeth appeared shy as they stepped on to the stage. Inside me, I was like, "Go, Sherlynn and Elizabeth, go!" As people always say, looks are deceiving. There are people who speak and talk well but cannot sing, then there are people who appear quiet, but when they sing they immediately make you feel like your heart is melting. Sherlynn and Elizabeth are surely the latter. I liked how the sound of guitar lifts the voice of the singers. Their singing instantly mesmerized the crowd. Some guys around me even sang along; what a lovely atmosphere. Like Lazel, Sherlynn and Elizabeth are also members of Soundcard.

The duo of Sherlynn and Elizabeth, also known as "The Mushrooms"!
 Xiao Hui was the fourth performer from NYP. Surprisingly, Xiao Hui and her partner were seated during their performance. As you would imagine, most singers would stand when they are performing so it looked slightly weird when they took their seats. But don’t be mistaken, being seated didn’t diminish the confidence they had. I remember this cute part of the song they sang. It went, "For-e-e-ever, for-e-e-ever…" and that went on and on in my head even till today. Being their first time on stage, I must say I was really impressed with their performance.

I can't get Xiao Hui's performance out of my head!
After two hours of competition, the winner, Justin Chua walked away with $2000 in cash and loads of Sony products. Although our fellow NYPians did not win the competition, we should still applaud them for their wonderful performance and courage in pursuing their dreams. I look forward to seeing more of them in future performances.

Do you have dreams like theirs? Be brave, be adventurous. I am sure all of us at NYP are here to support your dreams.

Kelly is an Alumna of NYP who obtained an Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Midwifery). She loves reading and cooking. She also likes to spend time with her friends, engaging in relaxing activities. Her friends describe her as unpredictable, spontaneous and inquisitive.

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