Monday, December 31, 2012

Why You Need to Attend NYP’s Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar

Post-secondary options have never been more varied than they are today. From Polytechnics and JCs, ITEs to private institutions, the different pathways that await school-leavers planning to embark on the next phase of their education are abundant.

For many 16 and 17 year-olds, completing secondary education is a significant goal and milestone in itself, marking the end of ten years of formal schooling.

While some would go on to join the workforce, the majority of teenagers today would continue on to some form of post-secondary education.

With so many options and choices, making the right decision is a challenge for some.

To avoid making the wrong choice, one needs to think ahead, and understand one’s strengths and interests. Some students prefer a more academic route, while others may be attracted to institutions that specialise in particular fields, providing internships that allow them to gather industry experience. Students today can choose from 18 junior colleges, 1 centralised institute and 5 polytechnics. In addition, there are also the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and private schools offering other alternative post-secondary qualifications.

Most ‘O’ Level students applying to polytechnics will go through the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE), where they will be faced with the daunting task of making their 12 choices.

Some common questions I hear include:
“How do I maximise my 12 choices?”
“How do I use my choices to get into the course I am most passionate about?”
“Do I stand a chance if my aggregate does not meet the Cut Off Point (COP)?”
“What is the worst case scenario?”
“Is Polytechnic education for me?”
“Where should I draw the line between passion and pragmatism?”

For the answers to these questions, and more, join us at NYP’s Choices After ‘O’: Parents’ Seminar happening on 4 January.

Some Food for Thought
With so many options, students need to know what they want and if their choice is best suited for their strengths.

With many different paths to excellence available to each student, all that one needs is an open mind and a willingness to let interest and inclination guide them to the right path, even if it is one that is less trodden.

Topics for Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar
“Preparing Students for Success” by NYP Principal & CEO Mr Chan Lee Mun
“Maximising Your Choices”by Assistant Director (Outreach) Ms Teo Phay Hoon
“Sharing of NYP Experience” by Principal of Chong Boon Secondary School Mr Yeo Kuerk Heng and Graduate Speaker Mr Matthew Oh Han Xiang

By Assistant Director (Outreach) Ms Teo Phay Hoon
Ms Teo Phay Hoon is an Assistant Director in the Nanyang Polytechnic Outreach Unit. Her team specialises in helping secondary school students make informed decisions by giving them information on various post-secondary pathways and options.

She is a former lecturer with 17 years of academic experience in Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Business Management, and is known for her good humour and down-to-earth personality.

She is very approachable and an expert in polytechnic education – making her the perfect person to speak to regarding any myths, misconceptions or outright misinformation you may have about the polytechnic experience.

She will also be speaking at the Choices After ‘O’s Parents’ Seminar, so remember to catch her there!

The other key speakers for the Seminar will include NYP Principal and CEO Mr Chan Lee Mun, Principal of Chong Boon Secondary School Mr Yeo Kuerk Heng and NYP graduate Mr Matthew Oh.

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