Monday, January 21, 2013

A modern twist to kite-flying

 Picture this: You and a few friends go kite-flying on a nice sunny day. In the midst of having fun, your strings get tangled up. What’s worse, your kite is about to fall.

Has this happened to you before? Well, it certainly has for me. But the good news is, there’s now a modern way to fly kites – via remote control!

But why remote-controlled kites? Why not traditional kites?

Heng Xun Zheng
“There are limitations to traditional kites,” said Heng Xun Zheng, a second year Manufacturing Engineering student. “You are limited by the amount of string your kite has. However, for remote controlled kites, there is no limit! You can do whatever stunts you like within a 1km range.”

Xun Zheng is the President of Sky Dancers (a remote-controlled kite flying club) and also works with GoFlyKite (a remote-controlled kite company) to develop remote controlled kites.

According to Xun Zheng, he didn’t like flying kites at first. He was more into radio-controlled airplanes. It is no wonder that this lover of the skies wanted to be a pilot when he was younger and even joined NCC Air as a co-curricular activity back in secondary school.

However, his love for radio-controlled airplanes proved to be an expensive hobby. They were fragile and broke apart easily. So Xun Zheng’s former teacher introduced to him a cheaper alternative – remote-controlled kites.

Now, Xun Zheng’s favourite spot to fly his kites is at Marina Bay Sands. He feels like it has become a home for kite-flyers. He is also a kite flying instructor and he has taught many students how to fly.

“Sometimes, when I see beginners trying to fly their kites, I would just approach them and teach them how,” said Xun Zheng.

Xun Zheng has received so many requests to teach kite flying that he has even developed a simulator test to select promising students.

Xun Zheng not only participates in local events but overseas ones as well! These include events such as Chingay, National Day Parade, Youth Olympic Games and many other International Kite Festivals. These events have given him and his team the opportunity to showcase their talent in flying remote-controlled kites.
Although there are many individuals like Xun Zheng who are passionate about flying remote-controlled kites, not many people know about this hobby. Xun Zheng aspires to go around the world to educate others and share his passion.

“I plan to let the world know that remote-controlled kites exist and I’m going to wow them with our performances,” he said fervently.

Let’s wish Xun Zheng all the best in his aspirations and hope that he makes NYP proud as well!

By Nur Wahidah, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management

Wahidah is a second year student doing her Diploma in Mass Media Management. She is passionate about writing, travel, food and good music. Her idea of a good time is spending an afternoon with a few friends over a cup of hot chocolate, or watching classic films featuring stars like Audrey Hepburn, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews and so on. Her dream is to travel and have a food adventure around the world.

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