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Leon Yeo: Designer, Creator, Winner

Champions can be made out from anyone bold enough to try.

Leon Yeo, one of NYP’s School of Design’s (SDN) pride and joys, is one of the many champions that the school had nurtured. Like anyone who found any measure of success he did one thing different; he took a chance.

Leon Yeo - another rising star from NYP's School of Design.
Leon, a Year 2 student studying Visual Communication, is not Superman. He is just a regular student like the rest of us. But take someone who is bursting with talent, put him in the company of encouraging lecturers and peers; and you have the makings of a champion.  Within two years of his NYP course, Leon has become an up-and-coming talent that the design industry needs to look out for, as he has clinched a number of prestigious local and international awards.
The Bugis Plus/Illuma - Filmgarde Cineplex Movie Poster Design contest in 2010 was that very first competition he took part in. His second place win at this event changed his life. Like a long chain of falling domino blocks, Leon mentions how each achievement he attained fueled his drive to participate in more competitions. Two years later, his portfolio is adorned with brilliant, award-winning works. NYP has even sent him over to Hong Kong for his industrial attachment as part of his curriculum (which he is still undergoing, by the way!).
Leon’s Filmgarde Cineplex King Kong Movie Poster Design 2010
Exceptionally beautiful. These packaging designs won the hearts of judges at the Singapore Packaging Star Awards.
Leon was also a big winner at this year’s Singapore Packaging Star Awards. This year, he won the hearts of judges with two well thought-out designs - one for bottles of Chateau Marceau Bordeaux wine, and the other for mooncakes. Using plywood and laser engraving as the highlight of his designs, Leon created a unique tactile experience enriched by intricate patterns he carved into his products. So for a second year in a row he took home even more hardware at this prestigious international packaging competition.
Leon with SDN lecturer Ms Lee Soo Cheng, at the Singapore Packaging Star Awards.

Leon with SDN lecturer Ms Chevady Chang, at TTI Techtronic Hong Kong, Overseas Industrial Attachment. Leon credits Ms Lee and Ms Chevady as two of the NYP lecturers who helped him achieve success.
When discussing his achievements, Leon is quick to credit his NYP lecturers, friends, and family. While his individual talent for design is a key factor for his success, none of this would have been possible without the encouragement and support he received from the people around him when he started his exciting journey in the beautiful industry of design back in 2010. It was these people who encouraged Leon to take a chance and participate in his very first contest.
Leon with his buddies from NYP. (Left to Right) Melinda Tan, Mr Hendry (Bene Event Coordinator), Lim Chi Yang and Irna Yanty, at Project with Bene & Waldmann, The Evolution Saturday in Design Sinagpore 2011 showcasing their space design concept.
Leon is also very grateful for the support of his family. (Left to Right) Mother – Doris Tan, Sister – Thea Yeo, Younger sister – Dior Yeo and Father – Dragon Yeo. This photo taken in Hong Kong when the family visited of Leon during his overseas school attachment.
Despite his many accomplishments, one of the biggest rewards he has received from his NYP experience is finding his true calling in life.  Each contest he entered further cemented his passion for design. Although he is unable to describe the sense of achievement and joy that stems from the hard work he puts into each of his creations, Leon knows that he will pursue a career in this industry when he graduates; he knows where he belongs in the world.

Leon fondly remembers the people who gave those dominoes the initial push. “The NYP design lecturers, whom I had the utmost pleasure to be learn from, were the ones who gave me all the rare opportunities that I had to step into the design communications industry, including the overseas attachment that I am at undergoing right now”, he said. “These people played an important role in my design journey”.
 Leon is thankful for the support of those around him, including the support from his girlfriend.
Be it his NYP lecturers, his peers, or his kin- he would like to say “Thank you to each and every one of my family, SDN lecturers, friends and my girlfriend, for being there for me and encouraging me along the journey (oh and not forgetting the organizers of the event too!). Thank you very much! These competitions have given me more reasons to pursue a career in the design industry, and doing well in these competitions has reassured me that I have made the right choice to come to NYP.”

A Full List of Leon's Accomplishments (thus far!)
Asia Star Packaging Award [Oriental Mooncake Packaging] 2012
Singapore Star Packaging Award [IPhone 4/4s Case Design and Packaging] 2012
Singapore Star Packaging Award [Fong Yit Kaya Spread Packaging] 2012
Singapore Star Packaging Award [Oriental Mooncake Packaging] 2012
World Kitchen - Corella Plate Design 2012 Regionally and Internationally [3rd]
Design Packaging Concept - Mooncake packaging 2012 [Top 5]
NYP - Iphone Casing Design [1st] 2012
NYP -  Iphone Casing Design [2nd] 2012
Asia Star Packaging [Chateau Marceau Bordeaux Wine Packaging] 2011
Asia Star Packaging [Lakerol candy Packaging] 2011
Alvotor T-Shirt Design Contest 2012 [Top 10]
Singapore Star Packaging [Chateau Marceau Bordeaux Wine Packaging] 2011
Singapore Star Packaging [Lakerol Candy Packaging]
Alvotor T-Shirt Design Contest 2010 [2nd]
Singpost - Hawker Centre Stamp design [1st]
Japan Creative Centre - International Furoshiki Design 2010 [2nd]
Illuma/Bugis Plus - Filmgarde cineplex movie poster design 2010 [2nd]

By Shawn Fang, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management
Shawn Fang is a Year 2 student from Mass Media Management who aspires to be a photojournalist. Although he is starting to focus more on self-portraits, Shawn still dabbles in many different genres of photography- spanning from cloudscapes to abstract photography. Aiming to capture beauty in his shots (not just the beauty of a concept, but the beauty of life), Shawn hopes his photography could inspire people to appreciate the little things around us that make living beautiful. "Take a snapshot, and put it in your pocket" he would say!


  1. I have never heard about packaging design awards. Your post is extremely appreciable.

  2. Always, humble but willing to try anything, Leon will be sure to make a mark in his career, I foresee.