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Meet the NYP Finalists of NYP Jam! 2013

NYP Jam! is here once again. Many auditioned, but only a few have made it to the finals. Let's meet the finalists for the NYP category!
Lazel Louise Herramia
Lazel Louise Herramia was elated to be chosen as one of the finalists for the NYP Jam! This Year 2 Nanotechnology and Material Science (School of Engineering ) student dreams of becoming a singer in the near future, and by qualifying for the finals, it affirms her ability to sing and perform. Her motto is “never stop believing in yourself“.

When asked why she decided to join NYP Jam! 2013, Lazel said “I’ve been joining NYP competitions and other external competitions, so I decided to give it a try for this one too. I want to gain more experiences and confidence. I also enjoy sharing my talent and inspiring people with my singing.”

The audience can expect to be on their feet with Lazel’s own rendition of the song ‘Brokenhearted’ by Karmin.

“Performing is about touching people’s hearts and giving the audience a performance to enjoy. I think this song is perfect for that!,” she said.

So what does she think about the school that’s given her another opportunity to perform for others? Lazel said ”I think NYP is awesome! In terms of studying, the teachers are friendly, helpful and good. They conduct lectures in a very effective and fun way. NYP gives students opportunities to go overseas to study and broaden their horizons. As for fun activities, there are different CCAs for students to join. These CCAs help you discover and expand your talents, so that you can showcase them to your family and friends. This boosts your confidence and lets you do what you love.”

(Muhammad Zuhairi Bin Jamal)

Zuhairi, or better known as Zee, Year 1 Banking and Financial Services (School of Business), decided to enter the competition because he wanted to test his ability to sing.  Zee likes a wide variety of genres, ranging from R&B, pop, and even classical.

Zee was surprised to find out that he had made it to the finals, especially since he didn’t practice much beforehand. “I just sang any song that was playing on my phone,” and that was how he ended up singing ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys. Determined to perform his best during the finals, Zee hopes to at least clinch a spot in the Top 3, but this man is aiming for the win!

Zee thinks that NYP is a very “hip and happening school for sure”, that it has an awesome faculty and school environment. He loves studying here!

(Bryan Han Xin Chou and Teen Jing Nee)
The dynamic duo of J&B met one month before the competition. Bryan Han Xin, Year 2 Nanotechnology and Material Sciences (School of Engineering), immediately knew that Teen Jing Nee, Year 2 Digital and Precision Engineering (School of Engineering), would be his prefect partner for NYP Jam! 2013 after hearing her sing during a National Day event organized by their school.

Bryan’s participation in NYP Jam! 2013 can be attributed to Jing Nee’s willingness to participate with him.  After hearing the news that they made it as finalists, they were very surprised. They didn’t expect to make it into the finals as the competition was so intense.

“OMG! OMG! OMG! ” Jing Nee exclaimed excitedly.

J&B feels that NYP is unique because it allows them to pursue their love for music while they study. .

JiaYun & Eliz
(Jia Yun and Elizaberth Low Kar Wai)

Yong Jia Yun, Year 2 Food Science & Nutrition (School of Chemical and Life Sciences), and Elizabeth Low Kar Wai, Year 2 Visual Communications (School of Design), met each other in SoundCard; NYP’s very own Singing Club. To them, SoundCard  is a place where people come together because of their common passion for singing. It’s also a place where strong friendships are forged. Through SoundCard, they received many opportunities to perform at a variety of events. By preparing and performing at these events, they got to know each other very well.

JiaYun & Eliz eventually decided to take part in NYP Jam! 2013 after they had an awesome rehearsal.

For the finals, JiaYun & Eliz say that the audience “ can expect a simple, honest and relaxed performance with a little surprise!”

When asked about the life in NYP, JiaYun and Eliz agree that NYP provides students with a lot of chances not only to excel in studies, but also to develop one's passion to the fullest.

“It’s very happening and we really thank NYP for giving us so many opportunities to perform!” – JiaYun & Eliz.

We Don’t Need Capes
(Marcus Lee, Sharlynn Ooi, Davniel Tan, Chan Wei Jie and Muhammad Isyraf Bin Samsuri)
(From left to right), Marcus Lee (Year 2, Digital & Precision Engineering, School of Engineering) (Bassist), Sharlynn Ooi (Year 1, Food Science & Nutrition, School of Chemical and Life Sciences) (Guitarist), Davniel Tan (Year 2, Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering) (Vocalist), Chan Wei Jie (Year 2, Business Informatics, School of Information Technology) (Drummer) and Muhammad Isyraf Bin Samsuri (Year 2, Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering) (Guitarist).
  Before We Don’t Need Capes was formed, Wei Jie, Isyraf and Marcus were already together as a band. When they decided to join NYP Jam! 2013, they suddenly realized that they didn’t have a vocalist and a rhythm guitarist. This was when Sharlynn and Davniel came into the picture. After Sharlynn and Davniel were recruited, We Don’t Need Capes was formed. Isyraf and Davniel came up with the name for the band.

“You don’t need to be a super hero to do extraordinary things,” Isyraf explained

But the band practised extraordinarily hard for the audition and made it into the finals.

“It was music that brought us together, for better or for worse. Cheesy but true.” This was the sentiment shared by all their members.

We Don’t Need Capes dreams of performing for the crowd at the finals and they feel that, “winning would be a bonus; an awesome bonus!”

When asked what the audience could expect in the finals, We Don’t Need Capes’s only words were “A take on a classic 90s hit with a twist.”

We Don’t Need Capes feels that NYP has an interesting music scene with yearly productions by the Nanyang Polytechnic Symphony Orchestra, SoundCard and NYP Jam!

Join us for the exciting finals
The finalists are pumped! Make sure you look out for them and give them your support at NYP Jam! 2013, 4 Jan, 7pm at the NYP Atrium!

By Dzulhilmi Bin Dzulkifli, Year 1, Diploma in Business Informatics
Hello everybody! *Waves frantically~.* My name is Dzulhilmi B. Dzulkifli. Known by my friends as ‘Zool’ or ‘Zoomiee’. I am a Year 1 student taking Business Informatics from the School of Information Technology (SIT). Even though I have been blogging for half my life now, never have I ever felt that blogging is a burden. I find blogging as a way to express myself and let others have a little taste of my experiences.  I have taken up NYP Ultimate Frisbee as a CCA and auditioned for NYP Foreign Bodies Hip Hop Dance Group.

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