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Meet the Secondary School Finalists of NYP Jam! 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye!

NYP’s very own singing competition, NYP Jam!, is drawing to a close! After a round of intense singing and performing, only five contestants from the secondary school category are left in the running.

Who will emerge as the winner(s) of this annual music showdown? Before you watch them this Friday, here are some things you might want to know about them!

The Soloists

Tissany Tan Wan Qing

Tissany performing in the Kovan Superstar competition, in late 2011.
Tissany Tan, from Peicai Secondary School, is our lone Secondary 4 finalist this year in the NYP Jam!. Her inner songstress was unleashed to the world when her mother starting sending her to singing lessons as a child. Her passion for music continued to grow along with her.

Her undying love for the musical arts led her to join singing contests like Kovan Superstar (as pictured above), teenSUPREME, and many more. And now, she will be singing on NYP’s very own stage!

Audiences can expect an engaging and rousing (possibly emotional) performance from her on Friday!

She said “I felt really excited, and it was really unexpected, that I got into the finals.”

“I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the campus, but NYP seems like a lively place.”

We hope her excitement, coupled with our fun-loving and lively NYP students, would produce an exceptional atmosphere that day!

Nurul Isnina
Isnina showing off her cheeky side!
Nurul Isnina, a Secondary 3 student from Hong Kah Secondary School, loves both singing AND dancing.

When she was younger, her family would always ‘karaoke’ during the weekends. Her father would always sing praises (pun intended) about her voice, and would train her on her vocals. Ever since then, her  “mouth just won’t stop singing.”

As a result, she has been singing at many school events like: “HongKah Got Talent” (where she snagged second place), Teachers’ Day, Hari Raya, and even for National Day. She has also sang at her cousin’s wedding. Now, it’s time for NYP to hear her sing!

“Getting into the finals is very unexpected  since I've heard some strong performances. Furthermore, it is a nation-wide competition, with students from different schools! So, I'm very excited and thankful to be chosen,” said a very humble Isnina.

She added: “NYP is awesome because there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to showcase their talents and gain more confidence by performing in front of others.”

For those of you going down to the NYP Jam! on Friday, you can expect a little acoustic guitar accompaniment from her! Perhaps her modesty and instrumental abilities will win you over? 

Gail Belmonte
Gail singing for the Christmas Cantata, 2011.
Gail Belmonte from CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) rounds out our three soloists this year. This Secondary 5 girl had been putting her larynx to good use ever since she was at the tender age of three!

She had been in school choirs ever since, and has joined various singing contests like the famous “One Minute Of Fame” in 2009, and a singing competition for The Filipino Channel where she earned first place in 2012.

She was very delighted to hear about her spot in the NYP Jam! finals. Despite the strong and intense competition from the other participants, she was confident that she would make it. “Some of them were really, really good” said Gail. Come Friday, she will be bringing her “A Game”.

The audience can be prepared to “expect the unexpected”, said Gail.

She feels that her experience and passion for music will propel her to the crown! “I deal with music very seriously, and this is a big deal for me”

And the one thing she likes about NYP?

“NYP has a great appreciation for the arts, and that is really good!”

The Groups

(From left to right) Carmen Tan, Shaleen Goh, and Edith Sng.
Our girl group of 2013, Carmen Tan, Shaleen Goh and Edith Sng, make up the Checkques (pronounced as check – as).  From Hai Sing Catholic School, these three Secondary 3 girls took inspiration from the checkered outfits, that they wore to the auditions of NYP Jam!, for their quirky group name.

Being in the same class, the three of them have always ‘jammed’ together in school (Edith even leaves her own guitar there). They started out first as a group of students just singing ‘’for fun’’, but now it’s serious.

Prior to NYP Jam!, these three girls had also taken part in, and won the top prize for the group category, in their school’s singing contest “Sing Sing Sing”. Now, they have their sights set on winning NYP Jam!.

However, our three Checkques singers initially thought that they would not make it to the finals of this competition! They waited anxiously for the results and thought they didn’t make the cut. So when they finally got the news, they were extremely happy and surprised!

The thing that the Checkques girls love about NYP is the Auditorium. They feel that the Auditorium at NYP is “very shiok”!

Be sure to watch out for their secret weapon - medleys.

The ThunderBirds
 (From left to right) Marcus Xiong, Sim Yong Jun, Wee Guo Rui, Extra Guy in Yellow(who is not part of the group performing at NYP Jam :P), Joseph Poh, and Wong Chun Hua.
Our boy band of 2013, The ThunderBirds, is made up of five Secondary 5 students from Bedok South Secondary: Marcus Xiong (vocals), Wong Chun Hua (guitar), Joseph Poh (keyboard), Sim Yong Jun (bass) and Wee Guo Rui (drums). They, too, jammed together as a group in their school.

However, Marcus, who first gathered the band, only truly started their musical journey by bringing them to a studio to create their art. Without any formal musical background prior to their bout of studio jamming, they practised hard and even garnered for themselves the top spot at their school’s music competition “BDS Got Talent”.

At NYP Jam!, they will be performing familiar pop songs. So be prepared to hum (and even sing) along to their covers!

“We feel very honoured to be in the finals as we did not expect this to happen. This competition is our first external competition, so we are glad that we got in. Our key priority is the audience and giving them a great show. Winning the competition is secondary. It’s the experience we are looking forward to”, said Guo Rui.

Join us for the exciting finals
The finalists are pumped! Make sure you look out for them and give them your support at NYP Jam! 2013, 4 Jan, 7pm at the NYP Atrium! Besides the secondary school category, do catch the talents of our very own NYP students, who will be competing in the NYP category.

By Shawn Fang, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management
Shawn Fang is a Year 2 student from Mass Media Management who aspires to be a editorialist. He has has an interest in photography and focuses on self-portraits. Shawn also dabbles in different genres of photography- from cloudscapes to abstract photography. Aiming to capture beauty in his shots (not just the beauty of a concept, but the beauty of life), Shawn hopes his photography will inspire people to appreciate the little things around us that make living beautiful. "Take a snapshot, and put it in your pocket"!

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