Thursday, January 31, 2013

NYP Student Starts "Insanely Pastries"

Have you ever considered turning your passion into a business, but did not know where to begin? If so, you are in luck.  My buddies Chua Sii Inn, Gabriel Lim and myself got the opportunity to speak to Robin Peck, one of the founding members and Manufacturing and Sales’ Director of Insanely Pastries. Robin is also a student of Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and we were keen to discover the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur at such a young age.

Robin Peck, NYP student and budding entrepreneur!

Robin is a Year 3 student studying Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering. He’s currently managing his business, Insanely Pastries, with his childhood friend, Ritchie Ng (Finance & Legal Director) and his cousin Karen  Ang (Chief Baker) with the financial help of an Angel Investor, William Ng .

It took the team 6 months to turn Insanely Pastries into an official business. Even though Insanely Pastries has only been active as a business for 4 months now, they boast impressive month-on-month growth .

How did they manage to do it?
Even with an official website and social media platforms to bring the customers and the bakers closer, Insanely Pastries relies a lot on word of mouth. When I approached some students of NYP and asked them if they have heard of Insanely Pastries, many said no, but those who did had positive feedback about their products.
Insanely Pastries' Macadaia Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies

“My friend brought a bag of Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies once and I absolutely fell in love with them.”

“It smelled like another Famous Amos cookies at first, but the taste is different, in a good way.”
Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies? Gabriel says "Yum!"

Gabriel, who tried Insanely Pastries’ bestslling Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Cookies, enjoyed it!
He emphasized how the cookies were a taste of freshness and premium ingredients. Even though he had his share of the cookies, he wanted more!

“It’s was a surprise! A delighting play for my taste buds!” – Gabriel, Social Media Admin

Insanely Pastries special Christmas wrapping

What’s different about Insanely Pastries?
Insanely Pastries’ catch line of being “Insanely Healthy. Insanely Tasty. Insanely Affordable” says it all.

Insanely Pastries focuses on making healthy and tasty products. Pastries baked by Insanely Pastries contain 50% less sugar than comparable pastries. And the pastries are able to retain a delightful taste to them. This is made possible by Insanely Pastries’ very own secret ingredient, which they declined to disclose to us. But from what we know, all ingredients used are of premium quality!

Insanely Pastries also offers a Bake-to-Order Service. Customers are able to order their pastries to their preference. You could get your creativity juices flowing with the Insanely Pastries team, and together, you could create your own customized cookies. Maybe a heart-shaped version of their best-selling M&M’s Cookies for that special someone?

What are the hardships you faced setting up Insanely Pastries?
Juggling work and studies is really difficult.

 And running a business has its ups and downs. Once, he had to rush to his small bakery kitchen, which the Insanely Pastries team rents to bake their pastries, in order to fulfill a last minute order for a secondary school. Unfortunately for them, the oven broke down. With the help of Robin’s Dad, the oven was up and running again and they were able to fulfill the order. Talk about a close shave!

What motivates you?Robin pointed out that the team was motivated after watching The Billionaire, a Thai biographical movie that about Aitthipat Kulapongvanich, the real-life CEO of Tao Kae Noi, a famous seaweed company in Thailand.  The movie depicts his hardships during the early days of setting up his company. Here’s hoping that one day, Insanely Pastries would be as popular as Tao Kae Noi!

What are the future plans of Insanely Pastries?The Insanely Pastries team likes to experiment. They are currently experimenting with the idea of infusing protein powder in their cookies. Imagine that!

The team is also looking into different and creative ways of promoting their products and they are working really hard to open up their first shop.

They are also striving to get their pastries Halal Certified! I can’t wait to get my hands on the munchies!

Advice for fellow young entrepreneurs?Robin’s motto and advice is “Dream big and never stop dreaming.”
Thank you Robin, for introducing Sii Inn, Gabriel and myself to your wonderful cookies! Sii inn and Gabriel enjoyed them and will continue to enjoy them in the years to come. I know I will surely try it after  it  gets Halal Certified! The smell of the cookies was enough to entice my taste buds and your story as an entrepreneur is an inspiration for me. Here’s to more insanely good pastries from Insanely Pastries, in the years to come.

By Dzulhilmi Bin Dzulkifli, Year 1, Diploma in Business Informatics

Hello everybody! *Waves frantically~.* My name is Dzulhilmi B. Dzulkifli. Known by my friends as ‘Zool’ or ‘Zoomiee’. I am a Year 1 student taking Business Informatics from the School of Information Technology (SIT). Even though I have been blogging for half my life now, never have I ever felt that blogging is a burden. I find blogging as a way to express myself and let others have a little taste of my experiences.  I have taken up NYP Ultimate Frisbee as a CCA and auditioned for NYP Foreign Bodies Hip Hop Dance Group.

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