Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nurturing the Next Generation of Nurses

He has ignited in his students their passion to be nursing professionals, and is even able to “make things fun when the going is tough”. These are what some students say about lecturer Alan Lim, Assistant Manager/School of Health Sciences in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP).

Alan recently made his debut on Youtube in a Ministry of Health (MOH) video on the Nursing profession.  The video chronicles Alan’s life as a nurse and a nurse educator, and highlights why he decided to take on the nursing profession.  He also shared why he decided to teach at NYP.

Said Alan in the video, “Teaching enables me to share my knowledge, skills and passion for caring.  Imparting knowledge to the younger generation, so that they can become more responsible nurses, is my goal.”

During the filming, Alan’s biggest challenge was to remember his script.  “The script is based on my interview with MOH and what I said,” said Alan “It was a challenge to remember my lines.”

Even though he spent two full days filming (up till midnight on one occasion), he felt the effort was well worth the while and was pleased with the way the video turned out.

Said Alan, “The video was very well done.  I hope that it will inspire more people to take up nursing and impart the knowledge that nursing has its rewards.”

He further quipped, “Yes, I think they did a good job. They even managed to hide my wrinkles.”

Watch Alan Lim’s video below, or find out more about the nursing profession here.

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