Friday, March 22, 2013

Synergy 2013 – NYP Adventure Race: Winning is not the only Indicator of Success

On 19 January, a total of 117 participants in 39 teams gathered at Marina Bay East for an exciting race. It was time again for the Synergy 2013 – NYP Adventure Race, an annual race spanning approximately 20 to 25km island wide consisting of various mystery challenges.

The race is open to NYP staff, student and alumni, as well as the public, and is a true test of teamwork and endurance. Since its inaugural race in 2007, Synergy - NYP Adventure Race has never failed to thrill, challenge, and bond participants.

This year’s race consists of 11 checkpoints:

Start point: Kayaking and running (Marina Bay East)
1: Urban navigation (Tanjong Rhu Promenade)
2: Mystery team challenge - Walking on pebbles (Katong Park)
3: Team cycling (East Coast Park)
4: Tunnelling, Rope Ascend, abseil, rock climbing (OBS @ East Coast Campus)
5: Team biathlon (East Coast Park)
6: Mystery team challenge - spot YOG athletes picture (Youth Olympic park)
7: Mystery team challenge - Take photo at specified structure (Gardens by The Bay - South)
8: Mystery team challenge - Memorising Braille (Promontory @ Marina Bay)
9:  Mystery team challenge – Teams to carry 4 10L jerry cans along a designated route (Asian Civilisations Museum)
10: Navigation (Fort Canning Park)
11: End point (*SCAPE)

Organised by NYP’s Adventure Club (ADC), the Race consists of numerous physical and mental challenges, such as rope ascending, running, kayaking, mystery challenge, teamwork, cycling, navigation and abseiling. Simply said, the various challenges are what makes it unique.

Every Synergy - NYP Adventure Race is different from the previous race and SYNERGY 2013 – NYP Adventure Race is no exception. Besides a fresh race route, the organisers also tested the efficiency and effectiveness of each race team.

There was also a couple of unexpected “firsts” in SYNERGY 2013. First of all, there were many more participants, including participants from the other four Polytechnics and some Junior Colleges. Furthermore, it rained throughout the entire race day, a first in SYNERGY’s history. This made the race even more challenging for the participants, who had to endure cold temperatures and fatigue.

Nevertheless, participants still persevered. Not forgetting, they learnt the true meaning of teamwork, especially when they argued during difficult moments, but still manage to solve the problem as a team.

As you may know, “synergy” means “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the individual”. It’s a powerful word that describes the Race.

On top of everything, we know that experience is the best teacher. Life is like a race and we must finish it with our best effort. Otherwise, life will pull you down. The sense of satisfaction when you complete the Race is a feeling that words simply cannot describe.

So, what can we expect for Synergy 2014 - NYP Adventure Race?

You have to wait and experience it yourself. Adventure is always mysterious.

Here are the highlights of Synergy Adventure Race 2013:

One of our NYP teams trying to navigate through the park

Participants preparing their bikes before the long cycle to the next checkpoint.

A team walking over foot massage pebbles as part of the team challenge.

Working together to carry 4 10L jerry cans along a designated route

Participants running in the rain.

Participants searching for a specific Youth Olympics athlete, amidst thousands of photographs.

By Sharilkhairi, Year 1, Diploma in Business Management

Shahril Khairi is a Year 1 student from Business Management who loves music, history, other cultures,writing and travelling. Some say “Active” is his middle name because he enjoys adventures and keeping fit. He loves eating and judging food and has a strong interest in The Art of War and strategy games even though he enjoys peace. He is a guy who enjoys the bright side of life.

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