Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charco’s – Spicy Grilled Chicken Goodness

Ever had a long break in between your lectures or tutorials and want something different from your usual staples of chicken rice or fried noodles?

If so, you have to check out Charco's! Located just four bus stops away from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), they serve authentic Australian spicy grilled chicken, juicy tender ribs, kebabs, burgers, sinful crème potatoes and other mouth watering sides. All food lovers will LOVE the wide variety of dishes they have. To all my Muslim friends,  Charco's is Halal certified.
1/4 Portuguese Chicken with 3 sides (seafood, chicken avocado and potato) at $10.20. The thick crabmeat slices are really tasty!
One of my favourite dishes is the Portuguese chicken. This dish is slowly grilled to perfection and the sauce contains several secret spices. As you bite into each morsel of the juicy chicken, you’ll also be treated to an explosion of flavours from the special marinate on the chicken.

1/4 Portugese Chicken with chips at $7.80. Look at the amount of fiery goodness on the chicken! The red sauce at the back is yummy too! 
Other than chicken, Charco's also serves seafood. Its fish and chips is as good as it gets; the dory fillet is encapsulated with breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. As shown in the picture, it is served with a generous amount of chips beautifully dusted with cayenne pepper, fresh coleslaw and a dollop of tartar sauce. If tartar sauce ain't your thing, Charco's also provides as much BBQ sauce as you want at the cutlery station. Yes, you read it right!
Fish & Chips with fresh coleslaw and a dollop of tartar sauce at $10.60
Fish & Chips with crème potato and peas at $11.80
While the prices of the chicken dishes are relatively affordable, we ‘chickened’ out when it came to the price of the ribs (lamb ribs cost $12.80 and beef ribs cost $13.80).

Nonetheless, we heard they serve one of the best ribs in Singapore! We will have to try it to be certain!

For now, with our student allowances, sticking with the chicken is a better choice.

Charco's is a stall under the Mr Teh Tarik franchise, a popular coffeeshop chain . Although I feel that their customer service can be improved, their food will satisfy your tummies. So it’s all good!

It’s also very easy to order your meal. Decide what you want to eat, proceed to the cashier and make your order! Voila! The stall will give you a number tag and you will have to wait for a few minutes before getting to enjoy a taste of heaven.
How to get there?

1. Walk out from the sports complex gate to Avenue 9 and board bus 265
2. The bus stop is near Sakura International Buffet restaurant
3. Alight four stops after and you will see a petrol station, walk further down and you'll see Charco's!
*Estimated journey duration: less than 15 minutes

By Farihin Joehari, Year 2, Diploma in Mass Media Management

Farihin Joehari, has a penchant for cooking and wishes Nigella Lawson was his wife. He has a love-hate relationship with food and is a massive movie junkie! He loves going on escapades with his pals and might have a knack of whining too. He also enjoys going to concerts to be left in awe.

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