Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fusion 13: Multi Dimensional

Fusion 13 - NYP’s School of Interactive & Digital Media graduation show was held at the Pit Building where the School’s student works from all its six courses were on display.

The students were given a booth each, and they used their booths as an artistic outlet to express themselves. Some were flamboyant with splashes of colours while others were more toned down and monochromatic.

Each student stood by their booth, eager to show their work to visitors. All of them had thick portfolios and copies of their beautifully-designed résumés and namecards for potential employers or new acquaintances.

One of the first students I met was Syafiqa An-Nuriyah. The final year student, who is all set to graduate this May, took me through her impressive portfolio and patiently answered all my questions.

I was impressed by all of her works and discovered that some were created out of her own initiative. Even though the works were created during the course of her study, they look like they were created by seasoned professionals. Impressive!

Beatrice Mak, another student I met at the show, told me that her three friends and her designed the Fusion 13 website in just three months. They worked independently around the clock, developing not one version but three, one for mobile phones, one for iPads and one for desktop computers. Before meeting Beatrice, I seriously thought that the website was produced by an external company. Clearly, I was wrong, it was produced by these super professional students!

It took me a good three hours to visit the entire show but it was truly worth it – seeing what our students could accomplish was a real eye-opener. At the end, I literally went home with enough namecards to last me a lifetime.

I may just hire one of them to help me redesign my blog!  :p

By Nur Mirrah Amit, Year 3, Diploma in Mass Media Management
Mirrah is a Year 3 Mass Media Management student who, as her mother had reiterated, “reads all the time!” She consumes as many as three books a day in her spare time, and enjoys classics and romance novels by authors such as Mari Mancusi, CS Lewis, and Sophie Kinsella. She aspires to write for political science magazines like Time and Newsweek in the future, and also has an interest in fashion writing. 

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