Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Freshmen’s Guide to the Best Spots in the NYP Campus

Many of you may be just as lost as I was on my first day of school. No doubt, you want to walk around the Campus to familiarise yourself with a brand new environment.

Some questions you may start asking:  “What can I do around here?” or  “Where can I go to get my photocopying done?”

When you’re new to the school, these sound like tough questions to answer, isn’t it?

My NYP friends and I strongly agree that our Campus is quite a cosy and comfortable place to be in – either to study, meet new friends or just to chill. So, why not just keep calm and read on, because I’ll be telling you the best spots in NYP to mug away, satisfy your taste buds, take a chill pill or get your adrenaline pumping!

The Campus Library

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Campus’s very own two-storey library. The newly renovated space is not just meant for you to hit the books.

Frankly speaking, the NYP library is by far the best library I have ever been to. I have never thought I would end up spending most of my time there. What’s not to like about it? First of all, there’s a quaint little cafe on the first floor of the library, selling all sorts of yummy food and drinks from hot brewed coffee to lasagne and even chips! The comfy chairs there are to die for.

It is currently under renovation, but do look out for the cafe when it re-opens again soon.

Secondly, there are plenty of photocopiers located around the library meant for student use. Whenever the queue for the printing shops around the Campus is too long, make use of the ones in the library. It will save you a lot of time.

Lastly, the NYP library is home to a mini-cinema. Pick up a movie from the wide range of DVDs and Blue-rays available on the shelves, insert the disc into the brand new DVD player and hit the ‘play’ button. If the library doesn’t carry your favourite movie yet, you can even bring one from home.  Bring a couple of friends, dim the lights and be amazed by the wonderful sound system installed.

Food Galore!

There are two important things to consider when it comes to dining - the taste and price of the food. Fret not, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines from NYP’s four bustling-with-life canteens: the North and South canteens, the fast food canteen and Koufu. My personal favourites are Subway and McDonald’s at the fast food canteen, the Malay rice stall in the South canteen, as well as the prata stall at the North canteen. These are the ones with really long queues so be sure to start queuing early!

Also, there will be an exciting new restaurant – L’Rez - slated to open soon for business at Block F. L’Rez will be run, managed and served by NYP’s very own Food and Beverage Business students. I can’t wait!

Relaxation Spots On Campus

Trust me when I say that NYP students are so privileged to have for themselves a couple of new spots to unwind – solo or with friends. There are the beautiful gardens and koi ponds on campus grounds around the North and South canteens, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, a secret garden (that’s what I call it) at Block P, Level 3. The garden at Block P is eco-friendly and also a beautiful place to study at. The garden is just so serene and peaceful, which makes it a good place to sit around and have a good chat.

Besides the garden, you may also want to check out the small pavilions along the fish ponds, where you can sit and relax.

Sports, Sport, and more Sports

For all of you gym-a-holics, there are many sports facilities that are open to students. There are just so many to mention, but I’ll just do a selected few.

There is a full-length rock wall in the Indoor Sports Hall open to NYP students on Fridays. If you ever need more information, you can always visit NYP’s Adventure Club clubroom in Block F and ask away. There’s also a new volleyball sandbox, located beside the running track at Block F. Forget about Sentosa’s beaches and just practice here! Plus, there’s also the school gym Body Watch, which is run and managed by the super-fit students from the Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management. Finally, there’s an awesome swimming pool – perfect for a dip in the hot weather.

Be sure to check out all of these places I mentioned with the new schoolmates you met during Orientation 2013, and have a rocking good time!

Watch your step and be mindful of where you’re going though, for the school is currently undergoing major renovations.  In fact, new and much cooler facilities will be up and running when the campus expansion project is completed.

In the meantime, happy exploring the NYP campus!

By Shahrilkhairi Bin Mohamed Haini (Year 2), Diploma in Business Management

Shahril Khairi loves music, history, other cultures,writing and travelling. Some say “Active” is his middle name because he enjoys adventures and keeping fit. He loves eating and judging food and has a strong interest in The Art of War and strategy games even though he enjoys peace. He is a guy who enjoys the bright side of life.


  1. where is the cafe that you mentioned it's on the first floor of the library?

  2. Very nice and informative, hope to see more articles from you. Btw the library cafe is under renovation or closed permanently?

  3. Hi
    Thanks for your kind words. :)there will definitely be more articles from me.

    well, the Cafe will be opening in July PLUS the new Cafe managed by Food and Beverage Business students.Expecting good food.
    And the renovation should end by this month.

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