Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unit 13: Raw

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘raw’ and what would define a graduation show as such? These questions intrigued me on many levels.

When something is described as raw, it often conveys the need for additional process to reach its finished state or, as the event’s website put it, “products that lack the final touch of finesse.”

However, for the organisers 'raw' also  suggests freshness; products at their peak brimming with potential. Based on this definition, ‘raw’ was a perfect description of this year’s graduates from NYP’s School of Design (SDN).

Unit 13: RAW was the graduation show for SDN that ran from 8 to 10 March 2013 at the National Library. I went there on the last day and was greeted by damp but relaxing weather. The juxtaposition of the rain and the warmth of creativity and passion that exuded from the exhibition gave the show a magical quality. In addition to the invited guests and industry partners who attended the event, many passers-by who sought shelter from the rain were treated to a wonderful showcase.

The exhibition was divided into three sections - Industrial Design, Space and Interior Design, and Visual Communication with blue, red and orange representing each theme respectively. Not only were there detailed explanations and illustrations, but the creators themselves were present to address questions and explain their works. This gave visitors the opportunity to pick the brains of these budding graduates.

The locale and the presentation of the works exuded a sense of meticulousness and attention to detail.  

There was excitement in the air with constant murmurs and discussions between curious visitors and the proud students who were showcasing their works. From the conversations I had with the students I could tell they were very enthusiastic about their products and highly confident that their creations would make it big given the right opportunities.

I find this showcase really inspiring: how many of us would have the confidence to display our works in public? Definitely not me.

Unit 13 wanted to give visitors a feeling of freshness. To this degree it succeeded, and to me there was never any doubt these graduating students are full of potential.

(Photo Credits: Unit 13:Raw Facebook page)
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By Mattheaus Choo


Matthaeus is a Year 3 Mass Media Management student often seen with his headphones on and living a semi-charmed kind of life. Has an undying love for all things 90s especially music of the era. He hopes to meet Bob Dylan and be an entertainment critic of some form someday.

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