Friday, April 26, 2013

What's in Your Bag Theophilus?

 Your new life in poly is always exciting and brimming with new things to learn. Therefore, having a bag with all the possible items you will need is very important. In this guide for our freshmen, we give you a glimpse of what you need to bring to campus: from your basic needs to the things needed for you to do well in your tutorials and exams.

The Basics

Water bottle
Having a water bottle which is at least 500ml is important so as to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day. We definitely don't want to see any of you students fainting or having heat stroke!

From highlighting notes to scribbling important information somewhere, it's important to have stationery with you every day in school so make sure you have pens and highlighters to take notes and highlight key points in lessons.

What is the use of  having pens  if you don't have any paper or an exam pad to write on? Always have some on standby, just in case your lecturer gives you some out useful study tips. Definitely not a thing to miss out on to gain a good GPA!

School related items

Student pass
This is a must to have with you all the time.  You will need this for many uses: such as opening doors, boarding the shuttle bus and getting your attendance marked

Course Notes/Textbooks
A lesson is definitely incomplete without your learning materials. Always remember to pack the right books and notes needed for the day and not add unnecessary weight to your load for the day.

Being in poly isn't just fun and games. There is a time for work and a time for play. Having a planner or diary, so as to keep track of your time and remind yourself of your daily appointments and lesson timings is a good habit to have.

Laptop and charger
With everything now being digital, the more we should have a laptop with us for our projects and course works, not forgetting, of course, the all important charger so that we never run out of power!

 For music lovers just like me, this is something I can never leave home without. Be it on the train or waiting for the bus, music keeps me going through a long day.

Hard drive/USB sticks
Something small and portable that is useful for fast file transfers and storage.

External charger for phones
Our phones have become such an important tool in our everyday life. For heavy phone users, this is for sure a God given blessing!


Feeling sleepy in lectures or having bad breath? Well, any sweet will do, to help you through that long lecture or remove that unpleasant breath.
Just a precaution for those who feel cold easily in air conditioned places. Have a jacket on standby to keep yourself warm.  You don't want to run out of a lecture while your teacher is touching on important concepts you need to master!

Tissue packets
Especially for the people who regularly visit the toilet. For sure you don't want to enter a cubicle and discover that there isn't any toilet paper!

Life is full of unexpected events. Thus, being prepared with some plasters in your bag is something you might want to consider.

After reading through is article, you would probably get a rough idea of what you might find useful in poly. Get your bag ready and get set for a great start as you begin your journey as an NYP student! Wishing you all the best and good luck to your future endeavours!

Written by Theophilus K E

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