Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking into Five Desirable General Studies Modules

Hello my friends! Today, I will be exploring some of the General Studies Modules (GSMs) in NYP. Despite being all under the same roof, most of us will be taking GSMs which are different and unique.

In NYP, GSMs help to complement your core modules and let you explore subjects outside your main discipline of studies. You get a more enriching and all-rounded education this way.

Have you ever wondered what GSMs each NYP School has to offer? There might even be a particular GSM you would like to take but are unaware of! Well, I belong to the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL) and I would like to introduce to yousome of the GSMs my School has offered me.

To start the ball rolling, here are five popular SCL GSMs which first year students can consider taking  – French Language, German Language, Japanese Language, Maximizing Microsoft office and Creating Games with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Langue Fran├žaise (French Language) 
Eiffel Tower’ Paris, France. (Adapted from clipart)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hoo Chang Sheng: Pride of NYP and an Up-and-Coming Mobile Application Developer

Chang Sheng presents his award-winning app, iGoNYP
Hoo Chang Sheng brought glory to NYP when he emerged as Champion for the Plugfest International Programming Competition 2013. He has also developed a crowdsourcing  application for SLA/ Restroom Association (Singapore) called LOO Connect, which has been launched on Google Play.

LOO Connect let users rate the cleanliness of toilets and locate clean toilets certified by the Restroom Association (Singapore).

So how has life been for this Year 3 Diploma in Information Technology Student after the competition?  I met with Chang Sheng to see what he’s been up to.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's in your bag Mirrah?

Life in poly is exciting and full of learning opportunities. To get the most out of your experience, your bag should be stocked with all the items you need - from the basics to your guilty pleasures.

In this issue of 'What's in your bag?', we take a look at The Write Stuff's Deputy Editor, Mirrah, to see what she carries.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Students Use Design to Deliver Meaningful Environmental Messages

Third-Year Diploma in Visual Communications student Sandra Tay wanted people to have a lasting memory of her design. Thus she created a three-dimensional poster entirely in cardboard. Her creation won her the first prize in a green poster design competition organised by the School of Design (SDN).

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Day in NYP with Three Gorgeous Stars

I love NYP. Yes, I am serious.

And I love it even more when I get to enjoy the fun and laughter of student life, especially when TV stars visit the campus.
The film crew of Hey Gorgeous!
 On the 2nd of May, our Campus welcomed the TV crew and hosts of reality series Hey Gorgeous.

The hosts for the show, Ben Yeo, Dasmond Koh and Romeo Tan, attracted quite a crowd the moment they stepped into the NYP atrium at 8:30am. I was privileged to accompany them in their quest to find gorgeous guys and girls to represent NYP in the school edition of their programme.

Romeo, who graduated from NYP in Digital Media Design expressed his excitement at returning to his alma mater, “Wow! So many things have changed.”