Friday, May 10, 2013

A Day in NYP with Three Gorgeous Stars

I love NYP. Yes, I am serious.

And I love it even more when I get to enjoy the fun and laughter of student life, especially when TV stars visit the campus.
The film crew of Hey Gorgeous!
 On the 2nd of May, our Campus welcomed the TV crew and hosts of reality series Hey Gorgeous.

The hosts for the show, Ben Yeo, Dasmond Koh and Romeo Tan, attracted quite a crowd the moment they stepped into the NYP atrium at 8:30am. I was privileged to accompany them in their quest to find gorgeous guys and girls to represent NYP in the school edition of their programme.

Romeo, who graduated from NYP in Digital Media Design expressed his excitement at returning to his alma mater, “Wow! So many things have changed.”

After a short briefing at the atrium, the crew set out to find the attractive people in our midst.

I followed Romeo and Dasmond to their first stop which was the entrance near the MRT. Dasmond told me he thought that it was nice that NYP is next to the MRT. He could see himself going for a long lunch between long breaks if he were a student here.

Krystle was invited to join the three hosts at the atrium during the afternoon.
Ironically, as the two artistes approached the walkway, the crowd walking to the school dispersed to avoid them. What shy people we have in NYP!

Despite the dispersing crowd, the duo spotted freshman Krystle. The tall and slim School of Business Management (SBM) student was confident in front of the camera, and left a positive impression on the hosts.

Krystle was later invited to join the three hosts in a programme challenge at the atrium that afternoon.

Another gorgeous girl spotted by the hosts.
After winning over two more pretty girls to be part of the show at the entrance, the hosts moved to the air-conditioned Koufu food court to continue their search. That was a clever decision in the 32°C heat outside. At Koufu, they adopted a more proactive approach - asking for recommendations from students.
Dasmond asking for recommendations from students at Koufu.
It is interesting that students dining at Koufu highly recommended fellow students from SBM. That got Dasmond and Romeo excited as they then knew where to go next. The film crew made a quick exit after speaking to several students.

The next stop was McDonald’s. Immediately, Romeo spotted a cute girl in a polka- dotted top. She was eating with her friends when she got pulled up from her seat to join the hosts.

The surprise she felt was obvious. After agreeing to attend the programme challenge in the afternoon, she finally returned to her amused friends.

What could she have said to excite the hosts?

I think Dasmond was attracted to her long hair.
The film crew then went around asking for recommendations again before moving to the classroom blocks to try their luck.

I was excited when they wanted to visit the nursing labs at the School of Health Sciences (SHS), a place I frequented when I was a student in NYP.

There, we found many classrooms filled with students practising their nursing skills. The celebrities peeped through the glass windows of the labs in the hope of spotting photogenic student nurses.  They even asked for permission to enter a nursing lab to see how the lesson was conducted.

 I never felt prouder to see non-medical professionals interested in the work of nurses.

A lecturer showing Romeo and Dasmond how to take blood pressure.
Visiting the nursing labs must have reminded Romeo of his student days. According to Romeo, his secret hideout in NYP used to be his editing labs where he and his peers would camp overnight to finish their projects.

Romeo’s standing broad jump
After saying good bye to SHS, we arrived at the Sports Complex.  Spying the standing broad jump mat, Romeo immediately exclaimed, “I am really good at this.”

He was then challenged by Dasmond to try it out. This attempt to relive his track and field days received some screams from the fans around us. Who doesn’t like sporty boys?

When we got to the swimming pool, there were only four guys swimming there. They were on a break in between their lab lessons. Jokingly, Dasmond asked the boys to swim over from the other end of the pool. The guys obediently did so and impressed the hosts with their boyish looks.

The boys at the pool
Nursing student Yobez Koh stood out among his peers and was made to come out of the water to show off his six-pack abs in front of the camera.

I must say I think he is a real talent. Not at all shy, Yobez posed for the camera confidently and quickly agreed to join the challenge later.

A tip-off did come soon after that! The film crew received news that someone handsome was to be found in the design lab.

We quickly rushed to the School of Design (SDN) and found the guy! Alfred Low had just finished his lesson and was stopped by Romeo just before he left class. This tall, dark and handsome guy was just what they were looking for. When asked what special talent he possessed, Alfred said calmly, “I draw.” Oh...  I love artistic boys.

Alfred being spotted after his design lesson.
After selecting their gorgeous people in NYP, the film crew took a break and prepared for the challenge at the atrium. Fans and supporters crowded the atrium like it was Open House once again.

Were you there?
Trying out the challenges
The six finalists of NYP were challenged to walk from one end to another balancing table tennis balls on small rackets.

The game tested their ability to remain composed in difficult situations. I was glad to see that they remained calm and smiley even when they failed in their first few attempts.

Want to find out who made it to the Semi-Finals of Hey Gorgeous? Catch the show, scheduled to debut on the 27 May at 8pm on Channel U.

Or watch this space for updates!
(from left) Ben Yeo, myself, Romeo Tan and Dasmond Koh
By Kelly Liew 

Kelly is a nurse who graduated from the Advanced Diploma in Mid-Wifery. She loves reading and cooking. She also likes to spend time with her friends, engaging in relaxing activities. Her friends describe her as unpredictable, spontaneous and inquisitive.


  1. I hate stupid show like this that aim to boost the self esteem of attractive people while degrading those that are otherwise deemed unattractive by local media standards.

  2. the person who made the previous comment must be unattractive. lol

  3. Everyone is attractive in their own way.

  4. Great write-up by Kelly. Good job! :)

  5. Hahahahhaa! I just died laughing out loud at first and second comment.

  6. Agree with the first comment. But that is life. Human like attractive things and people - the show is just for entertainment. Regardless, people should be praised and judged not by their looks, but by their characters and talents/achievements that they have worked hard to attain. Make no sense to over-compliment a person's look because this is something that they just happen to have.