Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking into Five Desirable General Studies Modules

Hello my friends! Today, I will be exploring some of the General Studies Modules (GSMs) in NYP. Despite being all under the same roof, most of us will be taking GSMs which are different and unique.

In NYP, GSMs help to complement your core modules and let you explore subjects outside your main discipline of studies. You get a more enriching and all-rounded education this way.

Have you ever wondered what GSMs each NYP School has to offer? There might even be a particular GSM you would like to take but are unaware of! Well, I belong to the School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL) and I would like to introduce to yousome of the GSMs my School has offered me.

To start the ball rolling, here are five popular SCL GSMs which first year students can consider taking  – French Language, German Language, Japanese Language, Maximizing Microsoft office and Creating Games with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Langue Française (French Language) 
Eiffel Tower’ Paris, France. (Adapted from clipart)

Bonjour! (“Hello!” in French) This is the most highly-anticipated GSM in SCL!
In this module, students are introduced to basic French words and expressions. . Throughout this French module, students will learn about the interesting culture in France, the French alphabet, conversational skills and other fascinating facts! I am pretty sure that after this enriching journey, students would have also  learnt much about the nation.

Deutsch Sprache (German Language)

‘German Flag’ (Adapted from clipart)
Nächster! (German for “Next!”) Are you curious about what is being taught in this module? Well, students will get to learn about Germany and the German language They will be learning how to introduce themselves and converse with each other in German. In addition, students will also be able to talk about the food they enjoy eating and learn how to order food in German. Doesn’t this sound fun?

日本語 (Japanese Language)
‘Sakura Flowers’ Japan (Adapted from clipart)
こんにちは! (Pronounced as “konnichiwa” and it means “hello!” in Japanese)
Moving on, I am proud to say that this is the GSM I am currently taking! It has been an enjoyable module so far. We have been introduced to the different writing systems in Japan, which include: Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji. We are also taught commonly used Japanese greetings and expressions. Also, in the near future, we will learn to converse with one another in Japanese. This may just come in handy one day, we never know. I also look forward to the day I can watch anime (Japanese animation) without subtitles.

Maximizing Microsoft Office

Microsoft logo (adapted from clipart)
In this module, students are given the opportunity to learn how to maximise the tools in Microsoft Office. They are taught the basic to intermediate techniques of optimising Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Who knows? When students have completed this module, they will be experts in handling Microsoft Office and impress us all during projects and assignments. If you think this module is not going to be particularly useful, think again! Like the saying goes, “Knowledge is power!’

Creating Games with Microsoft PowerPoint

Computer Games (adapted from clipart)
Doesn’t the word “games” pique your interest? In this module, students are introduced to the creation of games using Microsoft PowerPoint. The types of games they will be learning to create are: Memory games, Spot-the-difference games and Board games. In my opinion, this is a really appealing module that allows students to experience something new and fresh!


I sure did enjoy my journey exploring these five different General Studies Modules! I hope you did too! I’m now interested in finding out what GSMs other Schools have in store! And I will do that.

Before I end, I would just like to say: Don’t dread your GSMs, enjoy them! You gain valuable knowledge with every lesson. Every GSM has its own perks, so look on the bright side and appreciate them.

 For SCL, I understand there are more exciting GSMs in store for me when I go to my second and third years. For example, there’s a photography GSM and a ‘food culture’ GSM where you appreciate the different types of food of various cultures.  There is even a GSM on ‘nature reserve walks’ where you get to go on trips to nature reserves.

I can’t wait.

Written by Anyssa Prisicilla Kengsley, Year 1, Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry

Having a strong interest in chemicals and medical research, Anyssa feels that studying chemistry is much more enjoyable than it looks. She strives to become a successful researcher in the future. Apart from this, she also likes writing in her free time, especially romance and fantasy stories. She finds joy in jotting down her thoughts and expressing her opinions in words.

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