Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's in your bag Mirrah?

Life in poly is exciting and full of learning opportunities. To get the most out of your experience, your bag should be stocked with all the items you need - from the basics to your guilty pleasures.

In this issue of 'What's in your bag?', we take a look at The Write Stuff's Deputy Editor, Mirrah, to see what she carries.

The Basics
Planner & Notebook

Studying in poly isn't all fun and games. Having a planner or diary to keep track of your appointments and lessons is a good thing to have. Without it Mirrah feels like a “lost sheep”.

Mirrah likes to scribble down important notes and information, so a notebook is easier to keep maintain than lots of scrap paper.

Make-up box  & Wallet

These items were bought during her recent trip to the UK.  Mirrah likes to look good, so she changes the contents of her make-up box regularly. Mirrah's make-up box is constantly evolving. Her staples are lip balm, loose powder and lip stain.

Mirrah's wallet contains passport photos, appointment cards, name cards and other items she may have an occasionally need for.

Card purse

Since she started her internship, Mirrah carries this purse with all her daily needs like her ATM card, IC, ez-link, some loose change and small notes. She carries this with her at all the time so that she knows her valuables are always with her.


Mirrah's commute from home to work or school is fully sheltered, so she mainly uses her umbrella when she goes to town, because it always seems to rain when she goes shopping!

Glasses with case and cleaning cloth

Even though Mirrah wears contact lenses, she prefers to wears glasses for work most of the time because she spends a lot of time in front of the computer.

When she does wear her contacts, she will bring along her glasses as a back-up in case she loses her contacts or feels like taking them off.

Carrying a case also gives her easily access to a cleaning cloth. A must-have for those who wear glasses!

iPod 5th Gen 16 GB

This was a present from her dad for her 19th birthday, which came just in time to replace her Creative Zen MP3 player that died on her. Thanks to its great camera, she uses it to take high definition photos and videos. Most of her games and music are on this device, and this self-described 'music addict' carries this with her everywhere she goes.

iPhone 4 16GB

Mirrah used to be a huge fan of Nokia and Motorola. But since she started using her iPhone, she can't imagine using anything else. She uses her phone for tweeting, checking Facebook, What's App, Instagram and checking emails. The other applications on her phone are barely used. But the alarm clock and notes function on the phone are apps she can't live without!

Written by Theophilus K E 

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  1. What you have in your bag are simple yet useful things. :) I know a lot of women who bring huge amount of fortune inside their bags that some of them even have a handbag insurance. LOL! Nice post by the way! Keep it up! =)