Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Things to Do During a Looooong Break Between Classes

A blessing for some but annoying for others, I'm sure all of us have, at one point or another, had to find ways to make use of the long breaks in between classes. The general belief that there is not much to do in NYP is certainly not true.

If we were to make a laundry list of our facilities, there are just so many unique aspects of our school that make us simply incomparable to other polytechnics. There is so much to enjoy about our campus life and the long breaks that are given to us are really the prime periods to savour it. So here are five things you can really enjoy around school during that long break!

1) Eating 

A really good way to chow the time away. With 4 canteens situated all around the campus it is hard not to get spoiled for choice when it comes to food.

And if that still isn't enough, we have also recently opened our very own restaurant, L'Rez! Run by the Diploma in Food & Beverage Business students, not only does it serve as a training ground for the students, it is also a surprisingly relaxing place to hang out and enjoy delicious cuisines. At $10 for a three-course meal which comes with an excellent ambience, L'Rez is a must try!

2) Exercising

For those looking for a healthy way to spend a break, why not make use of the numerous sports facilities around the campus! After all, physical fitness is paramount for everyone, especially the guys going into NS soon. From the gym to the swimming pool, there is certainly something for everyone.  Remember to bring your student card for access.

3) Relaxing in the library

It may be harder to access it due to renovations right now but somehow, at least for me, it only makes the library feel even more like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the school. Not only can we find books on a wide variety of subjects, we can also rent music and movies Also, the library has its very own café (opening soon!), which is constantly filling the room with the soothing aroma of coffee and pasteries.

What can go wrong with a cup of coffee and a good book?

4) Shopping

You may think there isn't much to expect from the campus' shopping arcade but you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can find, especially in the MSC (Marketing Services Centre). It is astonishing just how many novel and interesting items you can find in the store, from Polaroid cameras to even a book filled with pick up lines! The MSC is also home to NYP merchandise such as T-shirts and water bottles. You can never go wrong with a visit to the store as it always has discounts on different items and plenty of new products.

5) Venturing Outside of NYP

I don't think there is any other polytechnic that is as conveniently located as NYP .  It is just next to Yio Chu Kang MRT and close to so many shopping centers. In fact, we're the polytechnic that is located closest to town! (Can you believe it’s only seven stops from Orchard?) So if you have a really really long break, why not go down to AMK Hub to catch a movie? Or to Bishan Junction 8 for a cuppa at CoffeeBean? The possibilities are endless and I'm sure even with a two hour break, a short trip to nearby shopping hubs is doable without being late for class.

So the next time you have that long break, why not give one of these suggestions a try?

Matthaeus is a Mass Media Management alumnus often seen with his headphones on and living a semi-charmed kind of life. Has an undying love for all things 90s especially music of the era. He hopes to meet Bob Dylan and be an entertainment critic someday.

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  1. LOL. Other school cannot eat, exercise, no library, cannot shop and cannot go watch movie between breaks?