Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cliff Jumping at Berkelah Waterfalls

Polytechnic life can be really stressful at times. Think about it: you have tons of projects to submit, and you may only have classmates as your friends. That’s why I feel having a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) that you enjoy is a great stress reliever. Being in a CCA can really add colour to your polytechnic life as it helps you to make more friends with common interests. What’s more, you get to do fun activities together. Although it can be tiring and time consuming, it’s worth it. I’m in Adventure Club (ADC) and let me tell you why it’s worth the while. We get to go on interesting expeditions, and this article is about my Berkelah Waterfalls Expedition.

The four-day expedition to Berkelah (which means “camping” in Malay) waterfalls took 37 ADC members including Mr Wilfred Toh, our club advisor, through a beautiful rustic part of Pahang, Malaysia. It was a good experience as I had missed being amidst nature, enjoying the peace and serenity.

The other highlight of this trip which I looked forward to was cliff jumping. I tried it during my last trip to Jerangkang waterfalls during my first semester break and I could not get enough of it. What I like about waterfall expeditions is actually the sensation of cliff jumping. The few precious seconds of leaping into the air and into the river bed takes a leap of faith. It’s an experience I simply crave!

Here are the highlights of the expedition.

Upon arrival at Kampung Gelugor, Pahang, we trekked for three hours to get to our campsite at Berkelah Waterfalls. We were guided by Mr Toh, who also taught us how to cross rivers against the current.

One of the best parts about trekking is enjoying the mesmerising scenery. Walking through the peaceful countryside helps me to get away from all the hustle and bustle in Singapore.

Doesn’t that look really appetising?! This is what I call Chocolate Madness on Pancakes. Imagine being really hungry and being treated to the smell and sight of chocolate syrup on hot pancakes. The preliminary assault on our senses just served to enhance the taste of the pancakes when we finally began eating them. On ADC expeditions, we will always have good food to keep us full, energetic and ready for activities.

Cliff jumping was the main highlight of the whole Berkelah Waterfall expedition. Plus, we didn’t just jump, we jumped with style! This looks scary but it will help if you just scream “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) and jump! It’s definitely a thrill you will enjoy. Once is NEVER enough. We jumped many times trying out different postures like Gangnam style, superman, bird, andso on.

In this picture, you are looking at a high-five best buddy cliff jump!

Starting a new day can sometimes be really hard when you’re worn out from the previous day’s activities. So, to keep us awake, we will usually have a morning dip. The cool morning air and cold water will definitely wake you up.. It really works!

It can be really sad when we have to cancel activities due to the rain. However, the expedition is still meaningful because of the people who were there. When friends get together, there will always be fun and laughter and rapport building. In fact, building “friendship” is one of ADC’s mottos.

For every expedition, there will always be some risks involved. Thus, it is important for us ADC members to practise casualty evacuation procedures on difficult terrain. This will prepare us for emergencies. During the expedition, we practised evacuating one of the guys in our group through the slippery rocky hills along the river. With determined hearts and lots of teamwork, we succeeded in our mission. This shows that we possess Unity and Strength - ADC’s other mottos.

I can describe this expedition in just two words - adrenaline rush. There was so much excitement generated during our trekking, cliff jumping and safety practices.

If you read my previous article on Jerangkang waterfalls, I would like to say that both expeditions were equally fun.

In this expedition, we started off as a group of strangers and eventually became good friends. During challenging moments, we put our differences apart and worked as one united team. We overcame all our difficulties with friendship, unity and strength! We did not just bring back good memories, but also brought back valuable lessons.

OH WAIT! I hear the calling of Jerangkang waterfalls. I’m probably going to revisit it again this term break! Join me?

By Shahril Khairi, Year 2, Diploma in Business Management

Shahril Khairi is a Year 2 student from Business Management who loves music, history, other cultures, writing and travelling. Some say “Active” is his middle name because he enjoys adventures and keeping fit. He loves eating and judging food and has a strong interest in The Art of War and strategy games even though he enjoys peace. He is a guy who enjoys the bright side of life.


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