Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYP’s Very Own Running Youth Club

They have two things in common: They love KPOP and Running Man. For those who are new to this, Running Man is a South Korean variety show where contestants are divided into teams. Their role is to complete missions (races or special tasks with obstacles) and rip off each other’s nametags.

Running Youth Club is an unofficial club in NYP that is based on Running Man. As a Running Man fan myself, I decided to interview the club’s founders and its members to find out more about  how the club started and how the activities are played.
Members of the Running Youth Club
I spoke with the club’s founding members, Tan Zhao Rong, a student from the Diploma in Information Technology, Ezra Tadina, a student from the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering and Dean Heng, a student from the Diploma in Digital Media Animation.

So how did you guys form this club?
(From the left) Dean, Zhao Rong & Ezra
Zhao Rong: I actually expressed my interest to start a club based on Running Man on NYP’s Facebook Page in August or September last year. Soon after, I found two other guys - Ezra and Dean - who were interested in joining me. Both had an interest in Running Man and the three of us decided to have our very first meeting.

Ezra: We met at McDonald’s and it was a very awkward meeting. I mean, imagine three guys, all strangers to each other  meeting at McDonald’s and trying out our very first running man games. But it went well. We set up a Facebook group and from there, we got others who were interested to join the club. Our first meeting with the rest of the members was equally awkward but we had fun with the temporary nametags we pasted on each other’s shirts with masking tape.
Their first official game with their temporary nametags.
How many executive members are there and how is the planning done in RYC?
There are currently 22 executive members. As for the games, each one of us will take turns planning them. This way we all will have a chance to play and rip nametags because that is what everyone here wants to do.

We also have over 100 non-executive members. Nur Azimah, our secretary, will sort through the forms sent through Google Documents and from there we will pick 2-3 guests to join the games each week.

Is Running Youth Club an official club? If not, is it going to become official? 
Nope. We would like to make it official but we could not meet all the stipulated requirementsto become an official CCA. Nevertheless, we will still continue to be a club.  Even though we don’t get CCA points we will still meet up and play games. It’s a form of relaxation for us. There is nothing more fun than running and chasing each other around.

How similar is Running Youth Club (RYC) to Running Man?
We don’t really copy everything from the Running Man show apart from ripping apart each other’s nametags. Most of the games played are planned by our own members and are pretty original. We do have similar shirts like the ones worn in Running Man, with the Velcro tags stuck at the back.
Their very own shirts and velcro tags with their names in Korean.
What are the challenges that the club faces?

Dean: We don’t really have any major challenges but we do face issues such as disagreements. For example, during a game, players will try to negotiate game conditions with the game planner of that day. Sometimes games played during the week may not be well received compared other games played previously. But these are not major problems.

The executive members of the club
Where can the NYP students find Running Youth Club?
You can find us on Facebook. Just search “Running Youth Club” and you’ll find us. There you can sign up as a guest member. Or you can look for us at McDonald’s. Our club meets every Wednesday from 3pm till 7pm or latest by 9pm. If we are not at McDonald’s, we will be at SIT or SBM.

During one of their games which requires participants to tie their legs and walk as a team
So what are your plans for RYC in the future?
For now, we will still remain status quo. We don’t intend to make the club official yet. We are having fun and will keep the club going till we find ourselves a good group of students to hand it over to.

The Running Youth Club also needs more people, especially camera crew members, to join their club.  I would gladly recommend those who love fun and thrills to join them.

For those who are interested, you can find RYC at:


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