Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Warm Welcome Home for WorldSkills Competitors Audrey and Joey

A warm welcome home, Joey and Audrey!
NYP graduate Audrey Foo has a simple yet powerful strategy for WorldSkills:  simply focus on the processes, and the final outcome would take care of itself.

Explained Audrey, “Throughout the competition, I did not dwell on whether or not I will eventually get the gold medal; instead, I focused on the tasks at hand, and concentrated on doing every task well.”

Audrey’s strategy paid off when she won the gold medal for the Health and Social Care category of WorldSkills Competition (WSC), held in Leipzig, Germany in July 2013.  She also received the ‘Best of Nation’ award for being the best performer from all of the Singapore competitors.
Well done, Team NYP!
Singapore was represented in 20 categories by a total of 22 participants from the ITE and all five Polytechnics.
Gladys (second from left) was Audrey’s pillar of strength.
On 15 July, Audrey returned to Singapore, to a warm airport reception.  Also with Audrey was competitor Joey Ng, who won a Medallion of Excellence in Graphic Design Technology.
Joey  with her coach and expert, Ms Lina Tay (left) and Ms Amy Soon.
Recalling her four days of competition, Audrey said, “The competition days were mentally draining. I did four tasks a day, based on different scenarios. Even when I made mistakes, or did not do as well as I expected, I chose not to dwell on them, but found the strength and energy to move on.”
Audrey with Ms Wong Luan Wah, Director, School of Health Sciences (Nursing)
Audrey is thankful for her coaches Cynthia Ngian and Yong Li Ping, and her expert trainer Chee Nguk Lan, friends and family who strongly rooted for her. In particular, she drew encouragement from her friend, Gladys Aw, who used to be her competition partner at the WorldSkills Singapore competition, before the Health and Social Care category became a single-competitor category.  “She was with me all the way, cheering me on throughout the whole competition,” said Audrey.

Watch Audrey in this interview with the WorldSkills media team:

For Joey Ng, being able to participate in WorldSkills was a “very satisfying experience.” She said, “It was a really huge eye opener for me. I met so many competitors and was impressed by how proud they were to represent their countries and how they gave their very best in the competition. I also saw many different design styles which have inspired me!”

It has been Joey’s dream to represent Singapore in WorldSkills ever since she was a first year student, and she feels deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to achieve her dream.

Welcome home, and well done, girls!

In total, NYP competitors won two gold medals and three Medallion of Excellence at the WSC 2013.

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