Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Super Turnout for SIDM’s Alumni Movie Night

Attending the School of Interactive  & Digital Media  (SIDM)’s Alumni Movie Night gave me the opportunity to interview someone who helped bring Superman to life. SIDM Alumna, Ms Janet Cheng Yang (Diploma in Digital Media Design/Class of 2008), is one of the Double Negative Visual Effects artists who brought the Man of Steel to the big screen and I managed to interview her before the screening of the movie.

Janet has been working for award-winning Double Negative Visual Effects for almost three years now, and “The Man of Steel” is just one of many blockbusters under Double Negative’s belt. Working in such a prominent visual effects company filled her with pride and she was understandably excited about sharing her work with her SIDM family. Seeing the fruits of seven months’ worth of hard work was a fulfilling experience for her.  After cutting her teeth as a student, it was easy to understand why she’d want to share her work with her former lecturers and peers.

As I entered Shaw Theaters Lido IMAX for the screening of “Man of Steel”, asense of familiarity hung heavily in the air. Although I am from a different NYP School, for a moment, I felt like I was a part of the SIDM family as Joan and myself were warmly greeted by their very own student volunteers, who ushered us towards the ticketing booth.
Here I am with Joan (in blue) with (from left) SIDM's Lim Jun Ze, Ms Amy Soon and Mr Albert Lim.
As Joan went to check on the seating plan and look for Ms Amy Soon, the lecturer-in-charge of the SIDM Alumni Movie Night, my eyes wandered on to the many people around us, mainly Alumni members who were there way before us,  despite us coming an hour early. With my camera ready, I began to capture the candid moments happening around me.

Every seat in the theatre was taken, and with such a warm and welcoming environment, it was easy to understand why.
 The first person we spoke to was Mr Benjamin Kee, from the class of 2010. Together with three other classmates from the Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design, they started their very own design-based post-production studio, Anomalyst Studio, after they graduated.
Founders of Anomalyst Studio. (From left: Jed Tay, Chad Tay, Mustapha Zainal, Benjamin Kee).
This was the first SIDM alumni event Ben attended. He had been invited by Ms Amy Soon when he attended this year’s Graduation Ceremony. He agreed that such events were great because they allowed alumni to catch up with old schoolmates and reminisce about the past. Ben also mentioned that the founders of Anomalyst Studio still consider themselves part of the SIDM family and they make frequent trips to NYP to stay updated on campus happenings.
Mr. Albert Lim, Deputy Director (Games & Digital Entertainment) & Deputy Director (Projects), welcoming the attendees to SIDM’s Alumni Movie Night.
SIDM Alumni can also stay updated through the SIDM Alumni Facebook Group, which provides alumni with updates on events and happenings in the school.

Shortly after concluding our interviews, SIDM’s student volunteers ushered us into the theatre. Each attendee received a small bag of popcorn, a hotdog, and a bottle of Pespi.

Before the show started, Mr Albert Lim, Deputy Director (Games & Digital Entertainment) & Deputy Director (Projects), thanked all of us for coming to support SIDM’s Alumni Movie Night.

Soon, I was filled with awe and wonder at the astounding cinematography of  the whole movie. Even though I have watched several versions of Superman while I was growing up, the movie had me on the edge of my seat. The action scenes were so engaging that my knees started shaking in excitement, when I was rooting for Superman in my mind. If I was given a choice, I would say that my favourite scene had to be when they showed how advanced and sophisticated life was on Planet Krypton.

All in all, the Man of Steel had tons of action-packed scenes that gave everyone in the theatre hall a shot of adrenaline. However, I personally felt that the movie lacked an emotional connection. For Superman and action-movie fans, however, this movie is still worth watching.

After the movie, we spotted several attendees taking photos with their friends.

Ms. Janet Cheng Yang (Diploma in Digital Media Design/Class of 2008).
Having attended this event, I understood why Janet was eager to share her work with her SIDM Family. They are a warm and tightly-knit bunch.

But beyond the social gratification one receives from attending this event, Janet also brought up the professional opportunities of such events - not only do alumni get to keep in contact with their former classmates and lecturers, but alumni can also network with their peers and other industry practitioners, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

She said that it was a pleasure to share her efforts with the students and alumni of NYP and that she would definitely keep in contact with NYP’s students, lecturers and fellow alumni.

From my experience, I tend to agree. This was the first time I attended SIDM’s Alumni Movie Night, and with such a passionate and tightly-knit group of alumni, it is easy to understand the super turnout.

By Dzulhilmi Bin Dzulkifli, Year 1, Diploma in Business Informatics

Hello everybody! *Waves frantically~.* My name is Dzulhilmi B. Dzulkifli. Known by my friends as ‘Zool’ or ‘Zoomiee’. I am a Year 1 student taking Business Informatics from the School of Information Technology (SIT). Even though I have been blogging for half my life now, never have I ever felt that blogging is a burden. I find blogging as a way to express myself and let others have a little taste of my experiences.  I have taken up NYP Ultimate Frisbee as a CCA and auditioned for NYP Foreign Bodies Hip Hop Dance Group.

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