Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food & Beverage Business Students Wow with their Innovative Concoctions and Service

From left: Mocktail queens Gitanjali , Cheryl , Shi Hui, Wan Xuan, Wei Ting and Irene
Forty Diploma in Food & Beverage Business (DFBB) students attended a two-day tea masterclass conducted by The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (Clipper Tea) and were given the opportunity to create their own tea-based mocktails in an informal challenge. The students’ mocktails were such a hit that Clipper Tea is even considering featuring the winning mocktail in its wholly owned restaurant - Senso Ristorante & Bar.

Chef Andy Martin Gibbs, senior lecturer at the School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL), had invited Clipper Tea to conduct a three hour class for two days so that DFBB students could learn more about the art of brewing tea.

“I wanted to do something that no Poly in Singapore is doing,” said Chef Andy. “So the idea of conducting a tea masterclass struck me.”

In early July, second year DFBB students spent an engaging time learning about the history of tea, and how tea is categorised, sorted, and brewed. They also learnt all about different teas and their taste profiles.

“We never had a challenge or class like this, so it really taught us a lot about tea,” said Gitanjali Kumar Moolani, who won the mocktail challenge with her team of five.

Gitanjali’s group concocted an English Rose mocktail, with English breakfast tea, lychee syrup and rose syrup as the main ingredients. The drink is targeted at ladies and scored the most points in the challenge. The students were judged on presentation, creativity, ingredients and practicality.

“It was really quite exciting because so many other groups  had really interesting drinks. We researched different flavours that would match well and also did research on how to bring out the flavour of the drink,” said Gitanjali.

She added, “We named it English Rose after Princess Diana and also because we used English Breakfast tea. We brewed the tea with rose buds, and you can taste the traces of lychee in the tea.”

The three judges of the challenge, Chef Andy, Olivier Dyens CEO of Senso Holding Pte Ltd and Chef Nicholas Low, SCL teaching associate, were impressed and commented that the English Rose mocktail was “unique” and “not too sweet”.

For winning the challenge, Gitanjali’s team will also get to have dinner at Senso Ristorante & Bar with its executive chef, Chef Yves Schmid. In addition, they will get to spend time with Chef Yves Schmid in the kitchen, and with the beverage experts in the bar.

And that’s not all.

Third year DFBB students,  have also been impressing patrons with their culinary and service skills at the newly established L’Rez. In a recent visit to the training restaurant , Starhub’s senior management , including Mr Tan Tong Hai, CEO of StarHub and Chairman of NYP’s Board of Governors, and Ms Jeannie Ong, StarHub’s Head of Corporate Communications, praised the L’Rez team for its service and food standards.

The praise and accolades have not been restricted to VIPs alone. The restaurant has received hundred of compliments from the regular visitors, comprising mainly staff and students of NYP.

Both the food and service have come in for mention with several students being singled out for being exemplary.

L’Rez, however, is not resting on its laurels.

In fact, it is gearing up to improve restaurant operations in the next semester. Some of the processes L’Rez would be developing include cooking techniques, quality of service, timing, and quality assurance.

We would like to congratulate Gitanjali and team, and all the wonderful DFBB students for their service and hard work!

Interested in trying out the mocktail recipes at home? The top three mocktail receipes and some feedback from L’Rez patrons are featured below:

English Rose Recipe

¼ cups of English Breakfast Tea
2.5oz of hot water
10 ml of lychee syrup
5ml of rose syrup
6 Ice cubes
2 rose buds
Lychee, straw, 1 rose bud,mint leaves for garnish

1) Brew the tea together with the rose buds for 5 minutes at 96-98 degree Celsius.
2) Pour the tea, lychee and rose syrup and ice cube into the cocktail shaker.
3) Shake till the desired foam is achieved.
4) Serve in a champagne flute glass, garnish with lychee, mint leaves, rose petals and straw.

Done by Chang Wei Fong, Cheong Wei Ting, Gitanjali Kumar Moolani, Fung Wan Xuan, Gan Shi Hui, Cheryl Choo Jia Hui

Joy Energizer Recipe

90ml – Green Tea
25ml – Red bull
8 tbsp – Sugar syrup (500ml water + 300ml sugar)
50ml – Schweppes’s bitter lemon drink
1pcs – Lemon slice
10ml – Lemon juice
5pcs – Fresh mint leaves
Sour plum powder  and lemon juice (rimming)

1) Fill shaker with ice
2) Add all liquids into shaker
3) Crush the mint leaves using pestle and mortar
4) Add the mint leaves into the shaker
5) Cover and shake gently
6) Dip rim of glass into lemon juice and coat the rim with sour plum powder
7) Pour drink into glass and filter out residue
8) Garnish w lemon slice

Done by Hadi, Marc, Nicholas and Xun Hao

Rose Limelight Recipe

150 ceylon green tea
75 delrosa rose syrup
1.5 lime
2 mint leaves
Peach and mango jelly

1) Place jelly in the glass
2) Add ceylon green tea, delrosa rose syrup, lime and mint leaves and shake well in a cocktail shaker
3) Serve it on a glass and garnish with mint leaves

Done by Jia Hui, Angie, Syhirah, Lily and Winny

Some of the feedback that is representative of L’Rez patrons

“Zarifah provides excellent service. She's also friendly & appropriately chatty.”

“Kennard and Hilda were very attentive and polite. Thumbs up!”

“A very wonderful dining experience. The cream brulee was beautiful.”

“Ambience is very good. Food fresh and 'portions big' enough. Uniform is neat and professional looking. Chef was impressive.”

“The Salmon ‘shiok ah’. Jun Wei was friendly.”


  1. you left out a girl in the group which come up with the Joy Energizer Recipe

  2. I'm so proud of my friend, Cheryl Choo! :) Would love to try the tea from her one day!