Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nurses Go “Gangnam Style” on Nurses Day!

This year’s annual Nurses' Day was a blast! With the actual Nurses' Day happening on 1st August, the School of Health Sciences (SHS) celebrated it one day before, on 31st July 2013.

Despite the sweltering heat from the scorching sun, the garden between Block K and Block J was packed with students. Besides students from the SHS, students from all the other Schools came to join in the fun as well.

A crowd gathering at the garden between Block K and Block J

The event kicked off with the singing of our national anthem, followed by our national pledge. I could hear the harmony and feel the unity as everyone sang and recited the pledge.

The first highlight was the many wonderful performances put up by our very own NYP students! The performances ranged from the singing of soulful songs to upbeat raps and even exciting dances.

There was also a singing performance by The Write Stuff's very own president, Ho Khin Wai, who blew the audience away with his cover of 'I Wont Give up' by Jason Mraz.

Other than the spectacular performances, there was also free food such as nachos, ice cream, caramel popcorn, finger food and cotton candy. There were even two beautiful cakes of our Singapore flag and the Merlion! Aren't you just drooling thinking about it?

The long queue for free nachos

The delicious ‘Singapore flag’ Cake

To add to the joyous atmosphere, there were red and white balloons given away to everyone. 'Happy Nurses' Day' was written on these helium balloons, and everyone held them like excited children.

Towards the middle of the event, an unexpected performance brought screams of joy from the crowd.  Curious to know what was it?

Well, the SHS lecturers stunned everyone with their hilarious dance movements from the famous Oppa Gangnam Style! When we thought it was over, they shocked us once more with their cute version of 'Gwiyomi' and the one and only 'Harlem Shake’! The energy skyrocketed, and people were cheering excitedly for our beloved lecturers. It was simply a sight to behold!

Dancing Gangnam Style!
As the event came to a close, the Fashion Parade contestants paraded the stage. They were in a competition where the most creative costumes made solely of recyclable items would win. With the lecturers' judging, the Occupational Therapy Group 3 students emerged champions of the parade with their bizarre-looking but inventive costumes.

Before leaving the venue, I asked a Nursing student about what nursing and Nurses’ Day means to her.

"To me, nursing is not only a job. It is a meaningful profession and a reason for me to help other people. Nursing has brought joy to my life in many aspects,” said Georgine Ho, a second-year Nursing student.

As for me, I enjoyed my day at SHS's Nurses' Day celebration. It was a fun-filled event with interesting performances and yummy food. Kudos to SHS and all who contributed to make this event an amazing experience!

In case you missed this year's event, don't forget, there's always another one next year.


Written by Anyssa Priscilla Kengsley, Year 1, Diploma in Medicinal Chemistry

Having a strong interest in chemicals and medical research, Anyssa feels that studying chemistry is much more enjoyable than it looks. She strives to become a successful researcher in the future. Apart from this, she also likes writing in her free time, especially romance and fantasy stories. She finds joy in jotting down her thoughts and expressing her opinions in words.

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