Thursday, August 15, 2013

Polytechnic Foundation Programme was “the Best Choice” for this ‘N’ Levels Student

Seventeen year old Naaziya Begum (above) has always wanted to be a nurse. Her dream was made possible when she was accepted into NYP’s Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) after obtaining her GCE ‘N’ Levels 2012 results. 

Although the former Bukit Panjang Government High student did well for her ‘N’ Levels, she felt that it was more advantageous to secure a place in a polytechnic of her choice. She chose NYP because it was the first polytechnic to introduce Nursing and has a strong history in Health Sciences.

Her choice proved her right. Naaziya is now enjoying all the benefits of polytechnic life, including greater freedom in learning, as well as the opportunity to make friends with similar interests, and participating in her favourite CCA – women’s soccer! She is currently gearing up for the upcoming Polytechnic-ITE (POL-ITE) Games, where she is hoping to be selected for the team.
Naaziya won first runner up in the recent NYP Futbol Sala 2013
It’s a great experience, everyone in the soccer team is friendly and makes me look forward to going for training,” she said. “I also have great classmates who make learning much more enjoyable. The classes are always filled with laughter and joy, yet we go back learning something new.”

PFP students are given provisional places in diploma programmes, subject to them passing all modules in the one-year PFP.

Currently, Naaziya is studying ‘O Levels standard subjects such as English, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry in her PFP Applied & Health Science Cluster. Like other polytechnic students, she has to complete In-Course Assessment (ICAs), tests and quizzes. However, she feels that it is much easier to do well because these assessments are made up of smaller percentages before they are combined into an overall score.

“Sometimes I have classes from 9am to 6pm, but it does not feel draggy. In fact, the time passes quickly and we have a lot of fun,” she said.

For Naaziya, PFP has brought her closer to her career aspirations and is giving her a good foundation to polytechnic life. She  wanted to be a nurse ever since her uncle passed away, and now has the opportunity to do so. She strongly advises other students who are considering the PFP to apply for it.

“Especially for Normal (Academic) students, this is the best route. Instead of going to Secondary 5 and stressing yourself, come to PFP. I find that there’s much more freedom and it’s much easier to cope because I’m studying subjects I am interested in,” she said.

To find out more about PFP, click here.

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