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Meet the Student behind the Hoarding Installation Designs

Hoarding, hoard•ing [hawr-ding, hohr-]
A temporary board fence erected around a building site

 I remember a time when the construction sites in NYP were fenced-off with drab,corrugated metal as hoardings. They were dull, off-putting and nobody knew what was being erected or anything about the expansion. Even though everyone wanted more amenities… *Cough* Starbucks *Cough*
...and After! Now we have artful hoardings around campus!
Thankfully, the unimaginative and utilitarian hoardings made way for beautifully designed hoardings that feature colourful swivels of abstract art. In addition to the beautiful artwork, the hoardings offer a glimpse of what we can expect from NYP’s Campus Expansion. The hoardings look phenomenal and really help to enlighten the scenery. I was amazed but proud to hear that a student played a key role in accomplishing the feat.

Joey examines the hoardings outside Koufu.
Joey Ng Kai Woon, a third year Animation student from the School of Interactive & Digital Media, developed the concept of the hoarding designs after she was approached by her mentor, Ms Amy Soon.

The hoarding design was part of her Final Year Project, and also part of the practical training to improve her graphic skills for the Graphic Design Technology area in 2013 WorldSkills Competition in Germany in July this year.  Indeed, Joey  did well, and attained a Medallion of Excellence at the WorldSkills 2013.

The Design Room where Joey worked on the hoardings.
Designing hoardings was not an easy task. Colours and copy were carefully chosen to reflect the mood of each theme suggested by NYP’s Communications and Outreach Department (C&O) - “Eat, Play, Lean and Chill”. For example, a cool blue colour was used for “Chill” in conjunction with photos of the calm and relaxing eco-garden. Colours of the surrounding area also had to be taken into account when designing the hoardings. The new designs could not clash with its environments; this was especially crucial in the banner-rich environment of the Atrium.

Thankfully, Joey was not alone in this behemoth undertaking.

Joey said that, “I worked with my mentor Ms Amy Soon and my colleague Tiffany Gunawan on developing and refining the hoarding design. For example, we would  discuss and come up with the art direction of the hoarding after receiving inputs from NYP’s C&O Department and Estates Management.

“The C&O  department helped us a lot with providing the images, such as holding a photo-shoot for the food images, searching for the right photos to portray the feel and the purchasing of the stock images. The text was also prepared by them.

“Tiffany also played a huge part. She actually went to the site itself and measured the length of the hoarding one by one to make sure our layout is exactly the size needed. The rest of the hoarding, such as the ones at level 2, the entrance and the slopes were applied by her.

Tiffany confirmed the art direction for the hoardings and completed the hoardings at the atrium when I had to leave for WorldSkills training.”

The entire hoarding project was a huge school collaboration.

The Communications and Outreach department, the L’Rez chefs helping with the food photo-shoot, Estates Management, SIDM’s design team and various other contributions from different departments of NYP.

It was an NYP team effort.”

Despite the help, Joey still had quite a bit of work to do. She had to write proposals, prepare presentations, develop themes and convince the school of her concept. In between, there were many other technical challenges that she had to tackle and many factors had to be pondered upon. This project and her other responsibilities kept her extremely busy. Once, she stayed at the office till 2am, determined to complete her work.
It's easier to stay late at the office when there's food.
It's important to love what you do!
When I asked her what kept her going, she replied instantaneously, succinctly and confidently. “I love what I do”.

I was taken aback, she had not graduated and yet she was so sure of herself. She further explained that the client has to be satisfied, and for the client’s happiness, some extra trouble was worth it. Furthermore, she enjoys putting a smile on others.

The opportunity to beautify NYP and promote Campus Expansion to others also served as motivation for Joey. I was a bit surprised to discover that she studies Animation, a slightly different field compared to design, but she explained that it did not matter if it was different, she wanted to learn more and get a feel of new things. This should be the mindset of all of us students. It truly is a great way to keep moving forward and find out what we would like to do in the future. There is no loss, only gain.

Joey said that she felt happy seeing her hard work come to fruition. “It’s great to hear the positive comments and seeing people use the hoardings as a background for their photos during graduation. I felt that what I did was something that made a difference. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project!”

I have never met anyone else with such burning passion. Joey craves for experience and strives to excel at everything she does. She is selfless, hardworking and has a huge heart for NYP. After her graduates from NYP, she hopes to continue her studies abroad, in order to learn more about graphic design, and after that, she hopes to work in the area of Motion Graphics.

Wrapping up our interview, she wanted to extend her thanks to her colleague, Tiffany Gunawan, and mentor, Ms. Amy Soon, for the immense help and support needed to complete the hoardings project.
By Sean Yap, Year 2, Diploma in Information Security

Sean enjoys playing recreational tennis and international chess. He has a huge interest in films and is addicted to watching movies. Writing articles are also a hobby for him. Writing allows him to be creative and express his opinions on different matters.

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