Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slow Down to “Smell the Roses” in NYP

It’s eight in the morning, and your alarm clock rudely wakes you from your sleep. You can’t believe it is morning already! You rush to complete your morning routine, get dressed, and trudge out of the house. At the train station, you show obvious frustration at how long the train is taking to arrive, but manage to squeeze yourself into the already packed train. Then, you spend the rest of the time with your phone.

At long last, you reach Yio Chu Kang MRT station. Your feet are taking big, fast steps along the sheltered walkway, to the campus and your classroom. Your head is miles away, thinking about projects, how late you are, and what you are going to have for lunch.


Doesn’t it all sound very familiar to many of us? We live in a world where technology has become a part of us, where work is never-ending, and high levels of stress are expected. For many of us, we have never stopped ourselves in our tracks to just appreciate the moment. Sydney J. Harris has a wonderful saying, “The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

When we slow down and relax, our minds become clearer and we become more centered. We stop thinking too much, and simply ALLOW things  to move at their own pace. Our health improves, we feel happier and we make better decisions. One good way to slow down is to stop and observe our surroundings. And what better way to do that than to appreciate nature right here on campus?

You may have seen some of these amazing features in NYP, and maybe even passed by them every day. But, have you stopped for a moment to appreciate all these little things that beautify our campus?

Here are some examples:

Fountains near Entrance of NYP 

School of Business Management Level 1

Occupational Therapy Garden at School of Health Sciences Level 5

NYP’s Main Entrance Level 1

A Green Sanctuary at School of Chemical & Life Sciences Blk P level 3

School of Interactive & Digital Media Gardens and Walkway

Koi Ponds at Level 2 

School of Health Sciences Garden at Level 2

In Conclusion

Indeed, beauty is all around us. We just have to look away from our phones for a moment and soak  it up. As you are reading this, another green feature is being constructed – a green roof and vertical greenery - at School of Engineering Block S Level 4. So, the next time you pass a green spot in NYP, slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the environment before moving on.


By Ho Khin Wai, Year 3, Diploma in Banking & Financial Services

Khin Wai is an NYP Year 3 Banking and Financial Services student from School of Business Management (SBM). He started writing for NYP Portal in 2011 out of interest and was soon "addicted" to it. He has also written book reviews for Straits Times YA Classified. Besides writing, he loves singing and has performed for various events in NYP under NYP Soundcard.


  1. The 'Green Sanctuary' at Blk P is known as the 'Eco Garden' :)

  2. Very well written Khin Wai! :)

  3. Awesome, Khin Wai!