Thursday, November 21, 2013

An Apparition in Nanyang Poly

At Block M Level 4A, a restless entity made its home in a certain hose reel compartment. It bides its time, terrifying those who chance upon its domain under the blanket of night. For one unlucky student, this anomalous being has left a lifelong scar, a trauma never to be forgotten.

No, this is not a story about that unlucky victim. This is a story about the ghost, Wynne Aw.

Wynne was a first year Digital Media Design (Animation) student….

Now… she is in Year 2.

But she still remembers the time when she was made to play a ghost during her first year, as part of a project assignment.

“My class was split into groups so every group had to pick a genre and do like a short five-minute film so my group decided to do the very clich├ęd horror genre.” She explains. “I had very long hair then. Not to mention the fair skin. I was perfect for the part of a ghost.”

It was definitely a fun experience for Wynne. It also helped that her lecturers were supportive and gave the class much freedom for their assignment. The groups were free to express themselves as long as it did not hinder other students.

So how did they end up utilising a hose reel compartment?

“Honestly because we were desperate. It was an attempt to make our film scary so we were just thinking, what can a ghost do? A ghost standing there isn’t going to do much,” Wynne explained. “We were really out of ideas. But we just happened to be outside the hose reel compartment and the door was slightly ajar and it looked scary.”

For Wynne, this sparked a sudden inspiration that would define the group’s film.

Wynne and her friends decided to do a scene showing a ghost haunting the compartment area. This required her to fit inside the hose reel compartment.

“Not only was it so compact that I had to twist my body in a weird fashion, but once the door was closed, it turned pitch black and there was an eerie silence. My job was to grab someone's hand from inside the hosereel. One word, creepy!” she recalled.

And that unlucky “someone” just happened to be her friend, a fellow actress, who was playing a typical clueless girl, who “reacted” by screaming the house down.
Wynne in real life
“It was hilarious seeing myself in the ghost outfit and it was hilarious for my friends as well,” said Wynne. “There were lots of cuts because it tended to get really funny especially and I couldn’t help laughing many times.”

Of course, even the most inspired film or project might not turn out the way you want it to.

“Our film was heavily criticised,” Wynne chuckles. “It wasn’t scary even though we tried so hard. We stayed till 10pm every day because we had to start late. We waited for everybody to leave and for the darkness to come.”

Still, it had been a fun experience for Wynne and her project mates. “It was definitely a once in your lifetime experience but we will definitely not explore the horror genre anymore,” she said.

Wynne is enjoying her adventure in NYP. What’s yours? Come choose your own adventure at NYP Open House from 9 to 11 Jan 2014!

By Shawn Dabi (Year 1, Diploma in Accounting and Finance)

With his passion for writing, Shawn composes various sorts of literature, from short stories to the article that you have just read, in an attempt to balance his poly life. Just because he’s studying accountancy doesn’t mean that he is good at only number crunching. In fact, his spare time is spent on whatever novel he gets his hands on. He aspires to be a best-selling novelist one day and, of course, a successful accountant.


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