Monday, December 30, 2013

10 Things I Love About NYP

As a polytechnic student, itis the norm to spend long hours in campus doing other things besides  studying. For me NYP is  my second home. I have the good company of friends whom I regard as family, delicious food and most importantly, I feel comfortable being who I am. Here are the 10 things I love about NYP.

1.Good friends
Some people think that it’s hard to find good friends in a polytechnic. It is not true. Personally I have lots of good friends  in NYP and not just from my School (I am from the School of Business Management). The friendly NYP culture helps you make new friends who may eventually become your best buddies.

While I’m at it, I just want to shout-out to my good buddies from my Adventure Club, OBS group and D’CAMP, THANKS!

2. Great food
The food in NYP is great. It will definitely satisfy your taste buds, hungry stomach and wallet. Personally, I prefer to go for affordable and filling food that allows me to save money and stay full on long days, like when I have CCA trainings.

Specifically, I love the Western stall from the South Canteen and the Banana Milkshake from the North Canteen. Sometimes, I prefer trying new food and Koufu will be there with its international cuisine. However, when there’s no other canteen open at night, McDonald’s will be there for you. Like I said, the food in NYP is simply awesome.

3. Facilities

I see NYP not only as a place where I study, but also my top hangout spot. I often spend my time after lessons in school. Lucky for us, NYP offers lots of facilities. Of all the facilities, I enjoy using the adventure park (high elements course), rock wall, swimming pool and running track. I like the fact that the quality of facilities here can rival the ones outside and it’s free!

4. Camps
Some people may see camps as tedious and time-wasting activities. Well, I had that impression of camp before too. However, when I joined NYP, my impressions of camps started to change. I enjoyed every single camp and developed  plenty of great memories. What I love most about camps is that I get to make new friends.

I made many new friends at D'Camp!
5. Flea markets
When I was a Year 1 student, I was surprised by the number of flea markets we have every year. I’m a very thrifty guy who wants quality stuff at a cheap price (but I am not a cheapo :p). So with the occasional flea market, I can buy everything under one roof and it is great value for money! The thing I like most, which I suspect other NYPians like too, is the Ramlee Burger. Spending money at the flea markets is always fun. Otherwise, you can window shop with your friends!  

6. Natural landscape for running
I don’t usually run around the school but I just love the natural landscape of our Campus. It is quite ideal to run around the Campus. So why go somewhere far when you can run around the Campus? Just bear in mind that there is currently some construction work happening around school due to Campus Expansion. Stay safe!

7. Talks
I like it when the NYP Library has talks on interesting topics that will benefit students in one way or another. My favourite was Lunch-Time-Talk – “Backpacking for students” where the presenter Mr Victor Chua gave us tips on backpacking. This was definitely something I am interested in since I’m an adventurous person who loves travel. I’m planning to backpack once I graduate.

8. School environment

I appreciate the fish pond, gardens and greenery in school especially the new ones at Block R and M. It makes the environment relaxing and pleasing. Also, there will be  times when you have long breaks and these relaxing places are ideal to chill out. Besides that, there is one thing I’m sure many will like - electrical points for charging your phone/laptop.

9. Events and Free T-shirts
NYP can be a sporty and adventurous place with plenty of interesting events. These events allow you to meet students from different Schools. It also allows you to spend quality time with your buddies. As a bonus, many of these events also give away free T-shirts! After a year, I have enough T-free shirts for every day of the week!

Event T-shirts (from left to right) : NYP climb run 2012, NYP road run 2012, NYP shirt give-away, NYP climb run 2013, Running Ninja 2013, NYP SYNEGY Adventure Race, NYP velocity – rock climbing carnival.

10. Comfort
It is important that you feel comfortable. When you are comfortable, you feel confident and secure. I like going to school without being judged on what I wear. We just wear what makes us feel good, while sticking to the poly’s dress code. We don’t feel the pressure to dress up every day and it saves us money and time.

These are the 10 things I love about NYP. I really like studying in NYP and I have no regrets doing so. What you get out of your experience depends on what you put into it. For ‘O’ level school leavers out there, do take the first step of joining NYP, and you will also discover things you love about NYP too!

For our current students, what do you love about NYP? Let me know in the comments section below!

By Shahril Khairi, Diploma in Business Management, Year 2

Shahril Khairi loves music, history, other cultures, writing and travelling. Some say “Active” is his middle name because he enjoys adventures and keeping fit. He loves eating and judging food and has a strong interest in The Art of War and strategy games even though he enjoys peace. He is a guy who enjoys the bright side of life.


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  2. 1 more reason is long term break. Why term break last for so long which some last almost for 1-2 months...